May 31, 2012

I Can't Find A Words To Say Goodbye

Exactly one year today was the last time I was with John,
we watched movie (it was his first to watch 3D) and was my last time to be with him. I really had fun watching him being so fascinated with the effect of the 3D glasses, he keeps taking it off to see the difference, if there's is any difference at all. He's such a kiddo. He always makes me laugh and smile. He keeps complimenting me. He always makes me feel pretty when I'm with him (I mentioned it already, aye?). He's not the best guy I've been with, but he's different. He's always been open with his love life and it feels good that after everything we've been through, he still trust me. And now, I think it's time to say goodbye..
I can't actually find the right words but will a simple goodbye would do?

I'm praying that wherever he is, he's at peace. 

I hope he knows that he will always be remembered and that I'm always be thankful that once in my life I got the chance to meet, to know and to be with someone like him. I am regretful for everything I did that made him feel bad about us, but grateful because he never take it against me. He remained to be a friend. A good friend.
I feel bad for not letting him feel how happy I was having him in my life. I hope you wouldn't do the same readers. Life is short, I've said this a million times but what I didn't know is that I made it shorter for keeping everything I feel (felt) by myself. It was a sad realization but it's not too late for you guys :D

So, if you truly appreciate someone's presence..let them know, it may not be easy for you but I'm sure it's worth it. Do not wait for them to disappear because it might be too late for you then. There is no such thing as the right time, just the right timing and confidence :D

As for John, I know I will never see you again though I just wish you're just somewhere out there stuck in an Island (like the castaway movie) waiting to be rescued, but I know it was just a wistful thinking :(

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