August 26, 2011

ONE AWESOME NIGHT WITH FAMILY (Happy Birthday Ante Ging2x) -updated ^_^

*Hello bloggers ^_^ readers ^_^ visitors and everyone*

Today is my aunt's birthday (my aunt is in NYC now with her daughter "my cousin" Grace). My uncle (her husband) who just arrived last week with my cousin (their son) for a quick vacation prepared something for the family to celebrate even though my aunt (the celebrant) is not here (since they were not able to come home for some reasons) to celebrate with us.

And so, I decided to dedicate this post to my Aunt "Mrs. Lydia Mondigo"...♫

I hope you had fun viewing us (especially Mati nga eksena kaayo) through webcam and thank you sa pasalubong..^_^


FILLER (My niece's hobby)

I just finished my exam a while ago and another long holiday for next week..great!

So, since I'm leaving in like a half an hour. I will just leave you with this video of my niece dancing "Baby" by J.B (I'm no fan of him okay, but, my niece liked this song so much)..Ü

I hope you'll have fun watching ^_^

Haha! she isn't really that talented is dancing. aye? ^_^

Do you what she's good at? being mean. hahaha

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