September 02, 2011

Frustrated Singers and Dancers in BLA4 class..Ü (Go LC HRM Student)

And so I say! As promised ^_^

It was one hell of a sunny rainy afternoon. We are supposed to do a research for our report In Personal Master class. So, Casey with the rest of the girls stayed inside the classroom, plugged in the laptop and started looking for any available wireless connection. Confident that we can connect to the school wifi, we felt secured for our report. But Guess what? it won't connect!!! Crazy crazy crazy!!! whatever!

So much for our disappointments, Esthel here decided to kill her time recording through webcam. As we're browsing Casey's video files, we noticed some videos (webcam) from our classmates and decided to share it with you..^_^

Please do bear with the sound. it's creepy :D



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