September 05, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 2 (Something/Someone that makes you smile)

this is a snap shot from our videos..
Janine say's.."I smile every time I watch these videos. Funny moments with them. Daming tawa! and we miss you ching! Actually you make me smile in these videos because of your actions/ gestures. :D Anyway, videos were taken 2 years ago (nikki’s bday and our “tambay” moment in MCDO after we had our videoke session. HAHA)."
 Here's the video..

I uploaded this video Sept. 18 of 2009, doubt if any of you can understand what they're saying. hehe! In this video: Janine, Ching, Nico, Jyan, and Lawrence :) 
Okay, here's what's going on with this video: We're at McDo and we're supposed to eat. This was around 12mn and we just came out from a video k bar. Janine wanted to have Icecream but Ching (who'se always looking at the crew who happened to be my schoolmate at MUST before) insisted that we should go home instead of spending money for food since it's already late and then, there..^_^ noticed something? they're drunk! haha! jk :)

The next video..(This is embarrassing!) I hope you will NOT unfollow me because of this.LOL 

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