May 08, 2012

I Admit..

..I'm bored

Suggestions anyone? I have few drafts left but I'm still having second thoughts publishing all those. I need more time. Hopefully by next week I'll have something worth reading for :) 


I wanted to write a post regarding the award I received few weeks ago but unfortunately I forgot who gave it to me and I can't find it either. Ah! What a shame :( I totally forgot about it. I FORGOT because I was so busy whining up being a jobless bum. I'm a jerk. Omg. 

to whoever that person who gave me that award. I'm so sorry :(

Alright, back to what I'm watching..another Korean series. hah! ^_^

wishing you another good night/morning! ^_^



Hello lovies! ^_^ 

How are you all? how was your weekend? and how's the start of your week so far? 

Today I just watched Korean series for almost 5hours and did nothing else. Boring, eh?!
Hay. life after graduation is never been that good to me. I don't go out if it's not for a job hunting. I stayed home the whole day-blog-eat-blog-sleep-blog and in between those is watching tv. Imagine that? oh! My uncle said that I should enjoy life while I can but how? I don't even think I have a life. I mean, what is there to enjoy? My life is a total mess right now. I'm a disaster. Hay. I'm going crazy. 

But enough, today is not about whining up. Got plenty of time for that. haha!

As mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday we went to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. It's about 1 and a half hour drive from the Cagayan de Oro City. It was my sister's very first time to visit the place  so she was so excited, but not me. It's my third time actually. The first time, I was with Janine, her dad and her bf (xbf now). Second time was just last year (it was a class activity), if you wanna check it out click----> Leisure, Sports and Recreation (Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon)..

blah blah blah..

finally!!! the photos I took last Saturday during the SPI (STEAG STATE POWER Inc) Family Day.

on the way..

an under construction road which made the travel a little bit slow.
View from my window..
and then I saw this..I have no idea what happened to this truck. 
..arrival (yay)
..when everyone is on their respective places, the host asked everyone to check their seats and see if there's something underneath "it's more fun sa kabukiran" and if there is, he'll win..
my brother won a lacoste shirt :D yay. lucky him! ^_^, my brother and my sister
my lil sister/gene
my brother/Michael
oh, that's Edwin (my brother's buddy) and Me_my brother and Idk who :D
my brother & me and my brother & my lil' sister :D
around the park
ATV ^_^
not much of a flower fanatic but these are gorgeous, aren't they?
mini golf. this one was so tiring! 
..after lunch we tried TREE TOP ADVENTURE! ^_^
..a few seconds after we finished this treetop adventure, the rain started pouring..then @3pm, we're on the bus already, ready to go home..
View from my window on the way home :D
rain rain rain
Questions anyone? :D

Happy Tuesday :D 


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