March 10, 2012

Final Recollection

Hello Everyone! Sorry. I've been off for days. I've been busy with my clearance, graduation applications and some finishing touches before graduation fall. 


Today, we had our Recollection day, which is weird because we already have our retreat and I thought that if you're done with your retreat it's okay not to have a recollection anymore. But we're thinking, maybe they push through with the recollection thing because last semester we kinda complained about paying the recollection fee and the retreat fee yet we only had the retreat.

Yeah, oh! in case you missed our retreat, here's the link click to view our retreat :)

Btw, here's what we did today :)

So I started my day early as unusual because I have to be in school at 8am. I woke up around 7am, had my breakfast and coffee and a few pics with my niece who just went downstairs to see me off :) 
Recollection Proper

We were ask to graph the peaks and valleys of our life. In the Y-axis is the rate (top-down), Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor, X-axis is your age. It's like, rating your life as you grow up-blah blah blah.
my drawing is awful! haha
Followed by the DRAWING SESSION! 

Draw anything that symbolizes your lifeline. 

I did some crazy drawings here =))

Oops! No texting and talking! shh..haha

Oh! the Sister was mad when she noticed that almost half of the class were gone missing and skipped the afternoon session. bad students! haha

O_O Meditating or sleeping? hehe ^_^
See? What do you expect? It's afternoon. Nap time!!! But atleast they came, aye?

Last activity was..

We wrote a letter to ourselves as if it was God's message for us. 

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