August 20, 2011

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (Kumbira Day 2 & 3-final day)

Note: This is good for two days post. It might take a while for you to read this one. I hope you don't mind.Ü 

The past three days were the most tiring days ever in our college life but last night was a blast.

Wanna know why? 

Our school was the over all champion in KUMBIRA 2011  (Kumbira is a professional and student culinary show and live competition held in Cagayan de OroMindanaoPhilippines.It is the largest culinary event in Mindanao, lasting for three days).Ü

Isn't that a good news? ^___^

Anyway, here's what happened for the last two days..


Our group was assigned to watch the "buffet floral centerpiece (theme: a December wedding)" competition (professional category) -live.
and the winner goes to the first photo (from the left on top)

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