February 21, 2012

Brat @5

It's been a week already since he start calling to wake me up :D And he do that every morning. So even though I'm still so damn sleepy, I don't wanna waste his effort so I'd get up and start my day no matter how early it is for me :D

So, how's your day? I hope everything goes out well. ^_^ As for me, I had a terrible morning. I dropped my ring (friendship ring) into the sink while washing my face and it took me almost two hours before I recover it. Gosh. I was so damn worried I'd lose it. ^_^

Anyway, today is no ordinary day. Just another day of massive dumping of photos. But this time I'd like to share my niece's pics taken a week ago. She's five now and she's changing so fast. She became more wiser and meaner each day that comes. But whatever. I love her still :D

Introducing my pretty niece :D 

Xin-Xin 2008 onwards

Xin2x :D 2011
This pic was during my photo challenge :D 
 when I saw her eating at Jollibee
 and last Nov. while playing at memorial park :D
Xin Xin 2012
demure look


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