May 23, 2012

So, To Begin With..

I am a little confused with the challenge  and decided to do everything one at a time. HAHA! This will be a long journey for me and I hope somehow this will make me busy despite being unemployed :P

There were challenges here that could be put up together so I'm starting off with a little sort of an introduction or something..

  • A recent facebook profile
  • 15 facts about me
  • A photos of me in my favorite color.
recent fb profile
Photos of Me in my favorite color: You'd see me often wearing this color. 4 photos will do, I guess. Too many will look so annoying already since I'll be doing a lot of photo challenge in the next few days :)

Lastly, the 15 facts about me: hmm..what to say?
  1. I'm petite (I think that's very obvious)-safe to say, I'm just 5' less :) -shit. that was funny! HAHA!
  2. I don't comb my hair for like 2months now :) 
  3. I sleep 10 hours a day.
  4. If  I don't watch Korean drama series, I'm probably on internet.
  5. I love black so much. 
  6. I'm annoyingly nosy-all the time.
  7. I don't speak English that well-I sound terrible speaking the language.
  8. I can't stand in front of a crowd (so, when I had my English final speech exam, I walked  out and I almost fail the subject)
  9. I love key chains! ^_^
  10. I have 6 accounts in fb ;-p (4 of those were already deactivated)
  11. I'd usually put my phone on silent mode and missed lots of calls because of that. HAHA!
  12. I wanted to be an Assassin! HAHA
  13. I always wear sleeveless when I'm at home-I can't stand shirts with sleeves (redundant eh? hehe)
  14. I'm a terrible cook.
  15. I'm don't like being in a relationship. ^_^
Oh! It took me around an hour to finished the 15facts. HAHA! That's for my 1st day of challenge :) 

So, tell me? Any facts you wanna share about yourself too? ^_^

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