July 27, 2012

2 TRUTHS and 1 LIE :)

Oh my! I miss you guys (hugsxx) ^_^

So last Thursday my training started. So far, so good. It was fun! Our trainer is funny and definitely cooler like an Eskimo's butt (lol! like I ever held one, aye?)..

Oh, I'm actually just passing by so forgive me if I did not leave any comments for the past few days. I don't have much time, though every morning I would visit your sites (I guess you know who you are). 

Wait, let me share something..

Have you heard of the game "2truths and 1lie"???

No. Yes???

Well, it's a game where you can say two truths and 1 lie and make your listeners guess which one of the three that you mentioned is a lie. If it was you guys, you'd probably guess which one is a lie..but of course, it's not..so, thank God! hehe..

my first statement was: I'm 21 y.o, second was-I was in the convent and the last one was, my cat survived the flood but my xbf did not during the flood

hmmm..can you guess which one is a lie??? 


oh, why don't you do the same..comment me 2truths and a lie and I'll try to guess. My answer would be my next post..

Hmm..I'm in the middle of memorizing/familiarizing the 50 States/Capital of the United States because we have exam on Monday. Damn!!! I still can't memorize any of them, plus I need the accent thingy!!! I'm so fucked up :(( 

Anyway, I gotta go. :(

I miss you guys!

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