September 23, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 20 (A Picture And A Letter/s)

These letters are from my two bestfriends. I received these letters last February and was really surprised and was touched of what they've written. We've been writing letters to each other when we're still in High School. We get to see each other and talk everyday at school but still, we write letters to share "something". You see, we're busy at school and sometimes we don't have enough vacant time to have these "deep talks" that's why we're writing letters. :D Anyway, they sent these letters for my birthday last April 2010 but was able to receive these after 1 year. Funny! HAHA. It's because Kris, the one who mailed this through a snail mail had the wrong address. Good thing these were sent back to her and decided to send this through express delivery, LBC.
Can you still see the pictures?  or is it too small?  lol 
These letters are from my friends in high school and college. There are letters also from my cousins and some are from my friends in the convent 
Oh!  see that guy in the picture? I think he's my chat mate or whatever because I can't remember him but he sent me a Valentines card with "I love you" hahahaha! I was laughing so hard when I saw it today. lol Gosh! this was so long ago (during my teens)..I love these letters ^_^ I love writing letters. It makes me feel connected with the other person on the other end of the line..besides, I'm a keeper you know, I kept everything..memories and letters.. ^_^

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