December 29, 2011

Love Story In A Bottle Of Liquor

Note: This isn't my love story :) You've read mine few months ago and I'm about to share the one's my friend whined about last Christmas eve.

Aiko is my classmate since the start of school. She's quiet and pretty. I didn't even know she's into "relationship" thingy. I really thought she's single since birth but alas! she's not. 

Last Christmas eve, Casey bought a bottle of Gin (750ml) and 3 bottles of Beer (jumbo) and 8 of them celebrated the Christmas after the exchanging gifts. Wondering where am I during that night? I'm all alone in the room with my melodramatic life, thinking of all the people in my city, my family and if you remember-John David Varian (My still missing friend). Out of those 8, only 6 of them (Aiko, Claire, Sharisse, Rhams, Casey, Jilla) really last till the end. I took a video of them unfortunately it was too large to upload and we don't have a converter right here :(

One vomited, one was speaking English until fallen asleep, one turns into color red (I think she has allergies in liquors), one was feeling okay, other can't walk straight and the last one ended up whining with her love story.
"Aiko's Frustrations with Love"
I was chatting with my friend Tess when I heard Aiko's voice yelling about something.."Why would he do that? Why acted so sweet to me if he didn't like me? Why do such a thing if he had no plans of courting me or anything? Why give me misconceptions about his actions if all along it meant nothing? Why say I love you and then forget about it? I was curious upon hearing those things. hmm. Who could that be? Aiko's been telling me stuff about this taken guy in school she likes who also "likes" her also and yet they can't do anything about it because the guy has a girlfriend but Aiko didn't know about it until maybe few months later. The guy was too scared to let her know that he has a gf because he didn't wanna lose her. Which is stupid, I guess. They're friends, they like each other but the guy didn't court her-Why?

Why? I mean, my question is. Why guys are so unpredictable? Why kiss a girl and then pretend like nothing happen? and then later on, court another girl and talk it out with you. Doesn't it sound stupid? Crazy? Annoying? Frustrating? Confusing? 

Why is it so hard for guys to admit they like or dislike someone? 


Tell me guys, did any of you did the same thing to Aiko? I mean, being sweet with someone today and sour in the following day? haha. What could be your reasons? Enlighten me :D

I know my writing came off confusing but I'm bored :( I still hope you understand a thing. (",)

Happy New Year =))

December 22, 2011


Words can't express how I feel since that day my friend Faye texted me informing that my friend John is missing since Friday due to that typhoon "Sendong" that hit our city and caused a huge damage to lots of residents in downtown Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City.

I know, I shouldn't be talking sad words since Christmas is coming days from now but I dunno whom to share it. I've been anxious for days now. I can think well and eat well. I am physically present here in Manila (OJT) but mentally absent since my mind is  somewhere else with John :(

My friend John is missing (and I don't know what to do about it) but I'm still holding on..

If you remember this post: Mai's First Boyfriend, you would know him. 

Now, all I want this Christmas is for him to be found safe and sound. Please do pray for my friend John. :((


December 19, 2011

I'm About To Break My Promise :( Killer Flood Took All Away My Simple Way Of Living

It's my day off and I was supposed to share something funny or happy about my current life in Manila City but two days ago something happened in our city-Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. If you've been watching news all over the country, you will know that our city is experiencing great loss of living and life. I can't say much though since I wasn't there to witness the incident of what we call-nature's wrath-unstoppable FLOOD.

Read news here:

Storm death toll tops 650 in Philippines; hundreds missing
Floods ravage Mindanao, hundreds dead

Our family was one of those hundreds of people who experienced that. We lost everything my brother worked for-fancy stuff and all. Nothing is saved. I even cried when I heard the news. After my sister told me they're all safe, I was at peace. Then my niece talked to me and told me about what happened to the laptop. Needless to say, I was really sad. But still I am thankful that everyone is safe and fortunate enough compared to the other victims who lost not only their houses and living but also love ones :( I prayed for all the victims of that calamity :(

Now that you know, you would realized that we lost our laptop (everything) too and that would mean-no more blogging for a long time which saddens me more :( Internet has always been my life since I was seventeen and I just can't imagine my life without it :( I will miss everyone for sure. I might ask my friend to take care of this account when I get back home. He told me he visits each of your account every time, so, for that I am happy :) It was a simple gesture and a little hassling but he's happy to do it-I know, lol. Like he have a choice =p

For now, all I can do is to pray for the rest and safety of everyone who are still missing. Let's all be hopeful despite of the fact that it was really one awful disaster, let's just learn from it-if we don't, calamity like this will keep on happening. This is a wake up call, don't ignore! Let's all take care of all the living things around us especially our mother nature, respect it and protect it. :)

Be safe everyone :)


Any donations in cash or in kind are welcome, just send them at:

Xavier University
Corrales Avenue
9000 Cagayan de Oro City

Cash donations can be deposited at this account:

Account Name: Xavier University
Account No.: 9331-0133-63
Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands
            Cagayan de Oro, Divisoria Branch

Or you can donate online thru:

For more information on how to help, just visit:

December 12, 2011

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner (Mall of Asia): We Are All Alone This Christmas

Hello fellas! How are you all? I hope everything is doing great and all of you had a nice weekend :)

It's been 10 or 12 days already since I had my last post and I'm telling you, every time I wanted to write something, share something, I just couldn't find a time. I started my On the Job training already and that's one of the reason why I can't have all the time to sit down and type. For now, it's my day off and I'm telling you, I woke up early to share this with you.

This was taken almost two weeks ago when we had our bonding session at the Mall of Asia. It's an old (days) one, lol. I mean, as much as I wanna share to you the things around the place where I have my OJT, I can't because camera is not allowed there. oh! not that it's not allowed but they said that I have to secure first a permit or something to be able to take some shots and everything.

As you know, nine of us will be spending Christmas away from home but then we did is to get the best out of it instead of rambling something out of the situation :)

For now, allow me to share this one =)) My first ever experience with Santa! haha! I so love this one =))

See this one? it's us with Santa. It was our first ever experience and it was fun!

Crossing the bridge going to Bay Side of Mall of Asia :)
Christmas Tree :)
 Idle mode :)
Smile =)
I'm not sure what are this people but I call them Statue dancer..LOL
Oh I Love Sunset (",)
I haven't said much lately and I swear I will make it up to you the first chance I get after my On the Job Training. Wait, need to have my breakfast first (it's 8:50am). be right back.

And I'm back after 8mins. hehe!

Now I'm currently listening to this song "After All" and I dunno why. haha!

But as much as I wanna stay longer and chat chat chat, I can't. I'm going out to see someone for the first-crossed fingers :D

November 30, 2011

Manila Series (OJT): The Day After The First Two Days (When Darkness Prevails)

If you imagine our life last Monday morning till Tuesday night without "electricity", like no lights,water, electric and all cellphones are battery empty, how will you picture it? DISASTER!!! Because we don't have water in the dorm, since our water is powered by electricity, we went across the road (to our land lady's house) to take a bath. Which I find so hassle at that moment. 

Now, it's past 8am and thank God I had a good sleep last night :) I still don't have my breakfast and I'm hungry. T_T

Anyway, yesterday, we had our interview and it was fun. The HR in-charge is nice and friendly. 

The day before our interview was Sharisse's birthday. wanna see what we did? hmm..I had a video but I'm afraid I can't upload it right now, so, I'll just share with you our pics :D

We bought her a cupcake =) 

After, we went around Manila (she treat us for dinner). Went to this old church in Malate and rode a "kalesa" ..

The Birthday Girl: Sharisse =)
The Interview =)) (aftermath)
That's the rest of our yesterday ;-)

To my beloved followers, readers and commenters :)
I once again apologize for not being an active commenters for the past few days and for the incoming few weeks, although, I ask as a favor to my friend to visit each of your blog (in my blogroll list) read and if possible "comment" in your post :) 

thank you and happy day! ^_^

November 27, 2011

Manila Series (OJT): First Day Sucks!

It's past 6am today and I can feel everything sucks. From the room temperature to the sound of the electric fan. 

Oh! just before I start ranting, I finally was able to borrow Rham's laptop since he's out in the kitchen making some breakfast of himself. Anyway, as you  know, I am currently in Manila City and will be spending the rest of the months (3months) here (Christmas and New Year included). So far, I had trouble sleeping last night (I think I said that wrong). It was hot in the room and it's noisy (electric fan is buzzing around).I got back pain because maybe of my backpack I carried yesterday and also because I don't have a pillow. Oh! Pity me. I just can't believe how expensive everything here. I couldn't even afford a pillow-I mean, I'm saving. haha! 

So, yesterday was a disaster, our flight was delayed for an hour and 30mins and at Manila Airport, it took us almost an hour to get a cab-sucks! But anyway, let me share to you some of the pics taken :) have fun! 

let's start at the airport (Cagayan de Oro City)
there's Jilla, Claire, Gladys and Rhams and then our beloved instructor Ma'am Bucao.

Jilla and Titay on the way up :)

Inside the Airplane
leaving Cagayan de Oro City
lost in space :)

Hello Manila :)
with Casey :)

Our baggage :)

a 160.00 pesos lunch! imagine that! I could have myself a solo pizza with this price!!! @the airport.
outside the Airport :)

On the way to the dorm: San Andres Bukid Malate, Manila (Castillo de Joble) a four story building we're on the 4th floor. 

-DORM! finally :) take a look around :)
Starting with Claire: cooking (Kitchen)

 that's my stuff. haha
 not bad eh?

 that's Gladys: hush hush. haha!

Night View across :)
This is kind of a rush post since I was just borrowing Rhams laptop. I am so sorry I can't check out everyone's blog :( I felt terrible. I will check when I have time and when I can borrow laptop again. hehe 

But anyway, have a nice day everyone!

I will edit this later to rant more..for now, I gotta go-Breakfast :D


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