October 11, 2011

Let's Get Drunk!

whops! looks like I got you with my title ;-)

This isn't about drinking nor getting drunk. It's cocktail mixing baby! ^_^
We've been busy because of this. Part of our final requirement in Training Strategy was to organize a seminar that tackles about Basic Mixology and Flairtending. Although we were not able to came up with a huge number of participants but receiving good feed backs from them was more than enough..

Okay, okay..enough with enough..

Let's get started..

That is Janine. 

The one in charge. 

The hard working lady. 

wait? you know her right? 

She have been my guest for like 30 days and been featured too  many times in this blog =))

Bar area

You can find this at the ground floor of our Training Center :)

The brands used during the mixing :) 
Guess you're familiar with these stuff, aye aye bloggers? :)

Before the seminar started :)

my group mates with M'Vallejos :)

As the seminar was going on..

Ops! there's Princess and Dawn are in the house :)

Okay. In this time. The speaker "Joey" suddenly perform the layering/flaming "4th of July" while waiting for our group mates -who bought the ice. hehe..yeah yeah..we forgot to buy ice before everything started. haha! Gosh. ^_^ But see? we made it through-ALIVE =))

4th of July..

15ml of Grenadine syrup (base)
15ml of Blue Curacao
15 ml liquor (tequila, rum or vodka)

the mixed drinks =)


participants time to shine =))

And finally..the giving of certificates :)

It was tiring but indeed a successful activity :) KUDOS to us :)

Please please please to everyone who did not cast their votes yet.. click HERE  for infos how to vote :) thank you! ^_^

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