August 26, 2011

FILLER (My niece's hobby)

I just finished my exam a while ago and another long holiday for next week..great!

So, since I'm leaving in like a half an hour. I will just leave you with this video of my niece dancing "Baby" by J.B (I'm no fan of him okay, but, my niece liked this song so much)..Ü

I hope you'll have fun watching ^_^

Haha! she isn't really that talented is dancing. aye? ^_^

Do you what she's good at? being mean. hahaha


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hahahahaah..lingawa ni xin2x ui..

    mean? liwat lugar sa tatits? :))

  3. Well, she's better than me at dancing, that's for sure

  4. shes cute at dancing ^_^!!!

    weh buti pa kayo mag long vacation kaasar : (
    hehehe inggit ako much much!

  5. hehehe, cute dancing baby!
    I hope you did well on your exam

  6. hahaha ang cute... dancing queen pala si baby girl haha.. galing sumayaw woohoo

  7. I had to mute it for my own safety, but she's good lol, better than me. And she's adorable. You have to get here off of Beaver while she's young, or there won't be any chance when she's older.

  8. good look with your exam results :)

  9. Well that gave me a good laugh (^_____^)

  10. oh, she's a darling! kids are adorable, always!

    It's a GIRL Thing


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