September 24, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 21 (Something From Your Bathroom)

This one is boring :( but anyway..just a little entertainment, I included a video clip of my friend during our video k session..this isn't very entertaining either but I still hope (crossing my finger) you'll smile a little. hahaha! (I'm stupid, I know. hahaha)


 Hot and Cold shower. :D With this, I don't have to be afraid of taking a bath in a cold water during cold mornings or evenings. Great. :)))))


Haha! It's been inside the bathroom for months now. Nobody use this. Well, I do sometimes when I feel so tired and I wanna relax my feet :D It's menthol and the smell is good :D It soothes my discomfort. lol



  1. Oh wow, that foot scrub thingy was kinda random. Little did i know that the video after that was even more random, but cute i guess in a nerdy way hahaha

  2. Menthol is indeed a nice smell :) My bathroom is a mess though.

  3. I thought it's Casino alcohol... :))

  4. I smell like menthol right now. :/

  5. Nothing interesting in my bathroom I'm afraid. :P

  6. Menthol's got an awesome smell. Nice bathroom. Is there any chance you could link me to the original photo challenge? I think I want to try it now! :)

  7. sry for not being so often as i used to. i have been really busy this week and i couldn't keep up with everything that's been going on.

    just a note to tell you that i love your blog, i miss it and can't wait to have more time to catch up !

    jos xx

  8. My shower spits cold water and sometimes it spits freezing water when the weather is cold. Maybe I need some of that hot/cold shower thing.

    I wish the video with Chai singing was a bit longer. I find her quite cute.

    Also, "There's nothing in my head, Chai... Haha"


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