September 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 26 (Something That Means A Lot To You)

In honor to my 100th post..I thank every one (followers, commenters, readers, and visitors) for all the support..yay! ^_^ NO GIVEAWAYS! haha! Gosh. Can't afford. haha I'm just a student and the thing that I can only afford is one piece of bread and a glass of iced tea. Besides, I guess thank you is quite more thoughtful to say..right? haha! C'mon, just agree with me on this one. ^_^But I will sing for you..^_^ I don't care if you'll find my voice annoying and really out of tune but whatever! this is me saying thank you, though, the title of the song has nothing to do with "thanking" thing..

Anyway, here's a video from me (singing with friends) <Whenever, Wherever> from Shakira. My winning song. Haha! Gotta tell you first, I'm not a good singer, not even close. So, my apology. haha! ^_^ but this is for everyone..Have fun! hahahaha! ^_^

God bless us always ^_^ 

Going back to my challenge..

 Letters and cards 
..given by my friends and loved ones. :) I REALLY LOVE letters. In fact, I appreciate letters and cards more than any material gifts. It's simple but it's really the thoughts and effort that count. I just enjoy reading what the letter contains and I just can't help myself from smiling when I read these letters over and over again. I always read between the lines and remember the moments, pasts, fun, pains, and then smile. :)
 It's not the bottle but the one on top of it :)
The Ring
This ring means a lot to me because this was given to me by Sister Dione (7 years ago). It is the same with hers. She said she got this ring when she's in Brazil and she wanted to give the other one (aside from what's she wearing) to the person who also means a lot to her. And I was overwhelmed because out of the 6 girls inside the convent, she chose me. ^_^
Yes. I was in the convent for almost 3months =)) ^_^

@Lord Phrozen: no Chingee video for today..^_^  Today, I will share a very short video clip of my niece who means a lot to me :) Enjoy! ^_^


  1. Oh wow, 3 months in a convent seems pretty tough. I don't think i could take it.

  2. @Hasidic Plumber: it wasn't that hard. but, the thing is, you can't flirt in an obvious manner. hahaha!

  3. my preciousssssss (you're reading this in gollum's voice) LOL.

    congrats on your 100th post :D

  4. were in a convent!? Good thing you didn't become a nun!

  5. better than shakira.. hahahahaha

    cute au xin2 mai.. kad2 man diay ning "you're so weird." LOL

  6. @dwizzt: that's not a compliment! hahahahahahahah! you're mean. lol..

    yeah, yeah..mao to sya.'re so weird. ^_^

  7. sna nsabayan mo din nang dance while singing...pero ako napsayaw tlga while watching ur video! ahahha.

    .nice nice...

  8. 100th post and almost 200 followers :) That is awesome! Keep on climbing! You've been doing the challenge solidly.

  9. Congratulations on the one hundred blog posts, that's quite the huge milestone. Your singing isn't too bad either so I wouldn't try to bring yourself down too much! Cool story behind the ring as well.

  10. That is a nice ring and I can see how it means a lot to you. I actually want some jewellery lol. Way to prove my manliness. As for the singing, it wasn't so bad :) Congrats on hitting 100 posts too, I'll just take your thank you and run away with it mwahahahahahha

  11. I if think u sing bad you have obviously never seen any "name_of_the_country has talent" show :P

  12. wow, 100 blogpost ka na? matagal tagal pa ako jan, hehe! anyway, congrats!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

    200+ Followers Giveaway

  13. I'd just take a picture of my girlfriend. :P

  14. wow, I can't get over that Karaoke video! That was amusing/entertaining miss, thanks.

  15. You girls sure like to party a lot at the karaoke bar. I wish I could party just like you but I'm always busy busy busy. And when I'm not busy, I'm suddenly busy again.

    Is that a huge pikachu doll I see with your niece? I kept replaying the video but unfortunately I can't understand what she's saying...

    No Chingee? Looks like I won't sleep well tonight O______O

  16. AHHH my ears!!!! /(>~<)\ hahaha j/k j/k


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