June 24, 2011


Today is Friday.
My class started at nine am and I was late (again), but when I arrived at the classroom, we're like less than 10 students only..I felt relieved to know that M'Saab did check yet the attendance :)
And so the discussion went on..
During  our second period subject, almost everyone was excited. We're scheduled to debate something about "Cognitive and Behavioral Training" something like, was it really necessary to use the two methods or one method is enough already? And we're tasked to defend on "one method" is enough. As for an opening of the debate, Casey stood up for her first statement (for our group)..
-later on, the debate somehow became a personal battle. LOL
and then, lunch time..
Neil, Blair, Janine, Jyan and Allison had lunch together, I saw RJ eating burger and he told me he changed his number then I gave him my number. Then everyone ordered for themselves.
Over lunch we talked about what happened earlier. (off the record)
Last period..
-I spent almost 3 hours waiting for the 4pm warning bell.
-It's Culinary Arts subject..I know it should be interesting, but not for me. Gosh! I fell asleep..I was really bored and tired and all. Sir Ryan was discussing a lots of stuff and all I did was to copy and half listening while napping :D

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