June 27, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine

-this is not a funny story- 

Whoa! It's the last (Monday) week of June 2011. 
Today is the day, supposedly, we have class at 2:30 in the afternoon, I even hurried myself to catch the class, (I am a late comer) and our instructor hated it. But guess what? I was surprised when I found out he's not there, no! he can't make it because he's in the hospital, for whatever reason, we don't know. But anyway, that's okay. It was actually cool, (not that he's in the hospital) but the "no class" thing. hehe

And so we decided to have ice cream yet we end up ordering coca cola floats for Esthel, Casey and Rhamedan, while Janine had her favorite sundae and fries (sour and cream) and I had melon floats. While eating, we discuss a lot of things, well, just stuffs, boys, relationships and more =))
Esthel shared something a little bit about her love life and Casey and I talked about marriage. haha! crazy! We talked about marriage and love life. haha! So much for the chismis, out attention were all diverted to Rhamedan's activity-watching "funny videos" on youtube. Esthel and Rhams laughed the hardest, that even I was tempt to laughed with them. And so the time has come for us to leave the place because we still have a class and that we already stayed there long enough. hehe

It was one fine day indeed! Glad we made it! ^_^


Comments are very much appreciated. So, feel free to leave one. I'd love to read them all. Happy Blogging! Let's all be happy and free.<3

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