June 26, 2011


Every time I watch korean dramas I can't help but day-dreaming. haha! It's stupid, I know. But it's me. That's why as much as possible I would avoid watching "ASIA NOVELAS" especially drama and love stories. But it's just the same I can't help it. I can't help wasting my time watching those and day dreaming, wishing I am the lead actress and I have handsome guys fighting over me. I really wish things are like in movie series, happens in real thing. But it's not. Reality sucks, it's cruel. In reality there's torment and hell. There is no fairy tale, fairy tales are perhaps for fairies and unfortunately I'm not. I am not like Sookie Stakehouse of TRUE BLOOD who is part fairy and part human and has Bill and Eric fighting over her. Nor Elena of VAMPIRE DIARIES who were loved by day walkers Stephan and Damon and I am no-like Bella of TWILIGHT who has a bloodsucker-Edward and hot like a sun-Jacob. I am just me, with no prince in shining armor..so I will just watch korean dramas and day dream. haha!


  1. Maybe it's okay not to be in a fairy tale. You don't want men trying to climb up your hair, or to eat a poison apple.

  2. My cousin used to watch some korean high school drama with his girlfriend; cant for the life of me remember what it was called though...

  3. i have no idea what movie it could be.
    anyways nice blog!

  4. Truly the Most Awesome Blog Title Ever.



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