September 10, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 7 (A Picture Of Your Phone)

I'm currently using two phones. Nokia, which I bought last 2009 and a Samsung, which my mom bought for me as my pasalubong just last summer. Why two phones? It's because I have two networks; Smart and Globe. You may think that it's hassle and quite expensive for I have to buy load for my two Sim cards. It is not. I only buy load for my Globe sim which I often use to communicate with everyone. I only use my Smart sim to get calls or text messages from my smart user friends and will just reply them using my Globe Sim. :) I think it's a good way to still keep in touch and communicate with them (smart users). :) 
Like Janine, I also have two phones with two networks-TM and SUN. I'm using touch mobile sim for my Nokia phone and Sun for my Motorola. 
TM to keep in touch with classmates and friends since almost all of them are using this network, plus, the load is much cheaper than the rest of the network :)
SUN is for internet/facebook purposes. 
Also, I use and give my sun number to selected folks only :)  

Got another award by the way from CutePrincess of It's A Girl Thing. The award is, "SUNSHINE AWARD 2011"..and I need to pass this to 10 fabulous bloggers :( (that's kind of a problem because most of my fab bloggers are men) -what to do? lol..anyway, later is ^_^ This is sort of a "girly" award so I guess I should pass this to girls also. hehe ^_^  


  1. akin na lang yang isang phone mo..hahahaha..

    weeee..congrats sa sunshine award! ^_____^

  2. yay! same tayo ng nokia phone since i lost my x2. hehe ^_^

  3. I just lost my Nokia E63 last week, some bastard stole it :((

  4. Hey! I have the same Nokia phone as yours. Mine is blue though.

  5. I have the same pink samsung star phone!!! ^___^ sooo kikay~ wheee~

    my blog

  6. i have three phones!
    1 for roaming
    1 for stc network
    1 for mobily network!

    When I was in Phil., naka Globe ako, smart people use globe kasi di ba? hehehe

    tsaka soshal ang naka globe!

  7. Nice idea to have two phones for two separate purposes. I just have one, a little Blackberry but if I could afford two I'd probably do something similar. Nice post :)

  8. I have one phone. It has a bad camera, no internet access, and no games. It's a phone, it does calls and texts. That's what a phone does -_-. But I need a new anyway lol, and if I could afford I would have either a blackberry or an iPhone I'll admit. I've had that phone for years now, got it for my 16th birthday. Anyway, I looked at the personyperson who gave you your blog awards. There doesn't seem to be anything in the rules about it not being passable to men, so you get to avoid me ranting about it! Awww I really wanted to rant about it. Anyway, just because we're men doesn't mean we can't be lovely, and have lovely blogs :P

  9. Kinda into Nokia phones and I thought they were the best when I was in PH. They were efficient and always has games. But before I leave and go to Canada I got me a Motorola Razor for 25k. and To my surprise it was helpful on my flight. I used it in China, in Japan and in Canada. But I broke it because I was playing with it like a sword. Literally like a sword. Nd now I end up with these android phones that I don't even use often (except for internet).
    I miss those 1 peso unlimited lol.

  10. I try not to use phones. They give you cancer.
    I use smoke signals.

  11. haha I use one phone. Just one. What a weirdo, I am.

  12. you're proceeding really well with this challenge! i haven't even started yet!!!

    jos xx


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