October 07, 2011

Since You've Been Gone

Got yah! haha!

My apology: Final exam week is now coming and I'm quite busy with stuffs that our instructors are giving us. Gosh! I hate it! Plus, the clearance! too many blah blah blah..T_T, so, I'm sorry if I can't give you any serious post :( 

I'll make it up. I swear. 

As for the time being, allow me to share my boredom moments with Janine, Casey and Esthel :)
This video series will run for about a week or less..

Boring. I know. But what can I do? I can't think of anything else to share :( Posting photos isn't that easy. I don't just randomly select the photos I share to you guys-that's the toughest one :(

but anyway..here's our first video..(crazy one) ^_^ -audio sucks. sorry about that =))

Oh! btw, regarding the previous post.."Super Bass", that's not a lip sync..^_^ I'll post the original video tom. ^_^


  1. @Dilord: I know. It's embarrassing. haha! sorry. lol. I dunno what else to share yet :)

  2. Hahahaha! my sister and I was laughing because of the girl on your back. Ang kulit! lol Good luck on your exams!

  3. hi sis, thanks so much for your vote! it means so much to me... i have my 2nd giveaway, pls. read that... you already voted so you're in, just follow some rules... thanks

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  4. goodluck with your studies/exams.




  6. Try not to worry too much about posting in a very busy time :) Like you said you can always make it up to us later, and really you don't have to do that :P

  7. Good luck on your last week. Hope everything goes A Ok!

  8. Wacky! Cool! And good luck on your exams ... :D


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