October 06, 2011


Another school activity to attend to today. So, I can't really chit chat for long :)

Hope this video will work for you..Oh! btw, if you wanna see the rest of the picture last Sunday..(just incase you're interested to see the rest, I got plenty of them actually. haha!), LEISURE, SPORTS and RECREATION

Super Bass by Esthel and Rhamedan..

Note: This is not a lip sync.

Sorry if I have to replace the background because my classmates are so noisy that I can't hear Esthel's and Rhams voice so I decided to replace the back ground music..^_^ 
I muted their audio because it was noisy and you can't hear them singing, really. That's why it turned out like a lip sync, but it's not actually..I'll try to post the original of this one tom. For now, I gotta sleep. I'm tired. I'll check your blog post guys tom after class  :)

Have fun! ^_^


  1. lol OMG i love that song from nikki minaj and that dubbed version is SO FUNNY! she synced her lips perfectly with this song hahah


  2. haha, thanks god, no more photo challenge

    And love the vid, really awesome. I had a good laugh

  3. Lmao, excellent video. Nice post as usual Mai :) Class is more important than blogging, as crazy as that sounds!

  4. Have fun at the school activity.

  5. LOL~ lingaw kaayo sila ay pero ang mga tao sa ilang palibot ky kever kaayo hehehe ^_^

  6. So cool this video I appreciate it! Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  7. hahahaha reminds me of that crunkcoco guy on youtube who made the same thing!

  8. hahaha! That was a fun video

  9. Rhamedan looks like a funny guy. He probably is.

  10. love this video ahahha! i enjoyed watching it.:)

  11. hahaaha!!!! miss hanging with you guys

  12. Wow! I could never sing like that without holding the lyrics.


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