August 11, 2011

Break Time @ Greenwich


After our class Events Management today, Janine, Aiko, Princess, Dawn, Rhams, Estel, Mona and Myself decided to grab a bite at the store fronting our school. When we get there, it's full.

Rhams then said "hey! let's go to Greenwhich instead, there's a P299.00 good for two pizzas (not aware what size) already, we can split it out and contribute maybe 20-30 pesos only. And we all agreed.

Inside greenwich, we realize it's not a family size pizza (double-too small for us) and valid for take out only. So, we ended up ordering separately but with the same items-P59.00 (Pizza, spag and drinks)

what do you call this? -waiting number? whatever? haha!

After I took the order, I saw a familiar face..oh! It's Ken2x, my friend and my neighbor-alone! But of course, I went to say hi and a little chitchat :D

waiting for his order :)
while waiting for our order..^_^

Eating time ^_^

After, we saw our former Instructor in Management 1 and 2---- >Sir Gar ^_^

Now an Elementary teacher at one of the Public School in the City 
Catching up with Sir Gar was quite a blast ^_^ everyone laugh so hard..

and then pause, while they talk..

And then laugh again..

And again..

and again..

And end of the story. hehe! Sir Gar bade goodbye to (he needs to get back to his table) us and we went back to school.

The Misc..

And the Complete Version of them..^_^ w/o me..of course! great! haha!


You might wanna check this old post also..Never Ending Happiness wherein two of these girls are featured. ^_^ 

My friends just don't get tired laughing =))


  1. wow foods and girls! good combo..hahaha.. joke2x :D

  2. Wooohooo!! Fun and laughter at Greenwich.

  3. sounds like a cool little lunch party.

  4. Stop making me hungry and aroused at the same time. It's not fair =(

  5. sa tuwing nakakakita ako ng number sa greenwich.. naiinis ako.. kasi tagal nila magserver.. :p

  6.! (now I must get some)

  7. Looks funny and delicious!


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