August 10, 2011



I was cleaning up our drive E this evening when I came across with this video I took a few months ago. This was the time when my brother took us out (with cousins) for dinner and movie (Fast 5). This is a footage of Jojo (my sisters' boyfriend) TRYING to open up a SOLA bottle @ Yellow Cab..

..see what happened

He wanted me stop recording because he felt humiliated already. HAHA!

By the way, regarding this post In The Name Of Love, I already have the pictures from Foto Loco CDO (the official photographer of my friend's wedding) but can't find the video. So, maybe I will update the post as soon as the video is available already :)
thank you :)


  1. wahahaha! diko man maintindihan lol ^_^
    pero mukang masarap yung pizza anlaki pa hehe..

    minsan ganyan din ako, pag hindi ko mabuksan yung takip nilalagyan ko ng goma (rubberband) yung takip tapos ayun! magic hehe..

  2. man ni nimo sa fb b4 noh? :D

  3. @dwizzt: yeah, yeah..hehe! butangan ta naku subs pero kapoi naman edit. hehe..^__^
    malingaw man gyud kaau ko ani na. lol

  4. I hate when that happens. You struggle and struggle and then someone else just does it with ease.

  5. lol owned!! he needs a better grip ha

  6. haha ano kayang meron sa boteng yun at napakahirap buksan hehehe...
    btw thnk you for placing the badge
    Happy blogging!

  7. Whaa!? What happened? The guy who finally got it open was blocked by a bunch of people so I didn't see it. Is there a trick to opening those bottles?

  8. @Xan Gerna: yon na nga eh, wlang rubber ;-)

    @Convictus: totally agree.Ü

    @jos xx: are the one from -E-'s blog? whoa! thank you :)

    @Electric Addict: haha! maybe he's hungry at that time that's why :)

    @bluedreamer27: wlang meron dun, papansin lang talaga yong bote'ng un! hahaha! kakainis nga eh. hahaha!

    @Henry: whoa. My cousin opened it up. No trick..just I don't know. hahaha! ^__^

  9. waaaaaaaa walang cinema sa place ko ngaun, miss ko manood ng movies. sawa na ako sa dvds hehehe

  10. @Ka-Swak: san'g panig kaba kc ng mundo ngaun? hehe

  11. Oh gosh it's so refreshing to bump into another Filipino blogger! Nice blog. :)

  12. Ah yes... that's never happened to me. ever. promise. (a)

  13. that's a pretty funny video. Also, I can't wait to see the wedding photos. Hope you're having a great day!

  14. Great blog!! you should start many more. i love all the info provided. i will stay tuned :)
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