August 09, 2011

In The Name Of Love (updated)

Note: this is not about the movie (In The Name Of Love with Angel Locsin). LOL

Yesterday we (myself, Koting & why so random?) attended our friend's wedding (Jeff and Karen) @ Koresco Hotel.

killing time ^_^
While waiting for Chickoi & Koting I-Mai Yang tried to take few shots of myself. whoa! sign of vanity, don't you think? hehe.

We're late actually, haha! the wedding started at 4pm and we arrived around 5pm already but we're still glad we are able to catch up the pastor's me! best homily ever! haha! too honest!

While the matrimony was going on, this is what we did, I mean, this is what I did..

rose rose rose ^_^
I got this from one of the groom's men corsage-Ricky. To overcome boredom, we made this rose as our subject for photo shoot using micro mode. lovely isn't it? hehe..yaan nyo na :)

Koting's moment to shine ^_^ (stolen shots)
First "legal" kiss of the couple and their first dance :D

We're at the second floor (back side of the stage), unfortunately, we can't clearly see the couples :( but then I was able to take a few shots with their first kiss and first dance. whoa! thanks to my 6x optical zoom canon camera. (advertise ba?) 

the groom (jeff), groom's man (ricky) in trios (myself, Chickoi a.k.a why so random? -I think some of you know this guy already, & koting)
  • oh! the lovely cake, can you notice it? the photo at the bottom right? I brought it at home, haha! so cute! thanks to the bride (karen)..we have "BH" hahaha! 
  • the stairs: too bad our cam is not dslr. I could have presented a much more awesome pics :)
the wine! the giveaways :) cool and cute :)
There you have it!

That's what I did yesterday. Anyway, we have few pics coming up. We're still waiting for the FOTO LOCO CDO (the official photographer of J&K's wedding) to upload the pics they took last night. I will update this post the moment the pictures are posted :)

guys! you gotta see the video presented right after the ceremony (b4 and after ceremony).. awesome one! I'll try to look for that video :) (-I'm still waiting for that video------;-*)

but first check out their slideshow Here by Dwizzt ^___^

oh! one more thing. I will post the couples first dance later (for updates)---> view from a far. hahaha! 
here's the video: 

I was wondering why the groom dances so fast. Does he want to end the dance right away? haha!

*to be updated*


  1. Hi mai, what are you using in photo collage? I can recommend you one easy to use =)

  2. @renevic|palaboy..I'm using picasa..medyo madali din naman and mabilis mag upload :)

  3. nice one mai... this was truly a good example of a perfect blog for a personal use,(kai syempers singit kai ko). mai you inspired me to get one and be active with this but don't know how to start with it. *lol instead, I'll be a follower nalang sa. =)

  4. waaaaah! thank you! hehe..ikaw pud pagblog. hehe

  5. maybe he (rightly) has disdain for dancing.

  6. Looks like a lovely wedding. I'm glad you had fun!

  7. Looks like a fun time. The only wedding I've ever been to was my aunt and uncle's. I was the ringbearer but I can hardly remember anything.

  8. Congratulations and Welcome to Blog Idol Season 4.
    Meet your fellow participants here and get the Sponsors badge for your blog. ^_^


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