August 07, 2011

Week-End @ SM

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

Today we (Janine, Esthel, and my niece Xin2x) went to watch Little Mr. and Ms. SM (regional finals). Remember this post click here?, that was taken July 17. That time I think it was preliminary screening or something and now as I said the Regional finals and whoever wins will represent Cagayan de Oro at SM Mall of Asia.
Let's take a look at the finalists :)

Girls division: there are supposed to be seven of them but I missed the first one whose talent was singing and the other one who did the magic thing.

(L-R) The first kid in swim suit did the modeling. The second sang while playing the piano. The third kid danced. The fourth did a storytelling (little red riding  hood). And the last one did a drama-something about her dream actor "PIOLO PASCUAL" a hunk FILIPINO actor.

To proceed, let me introduced to you the boys division (as if I know their names. haha)

(L-R) The first kiddo (whoa, he cries before he started singing-MULA SA PUSO because he wanted his mom to the one holding the mic for him. haha) sang a song and danced later. The second, danced a MJ kind of dance. The third, he sang "the prayer". The fourth, he also danced. The fifth, he sang a song and so with the 6th and the last did an action-drama that I found very very cute out of all the talents shown.

Since the last one was my favorite, I wanna share it to you why. No! I will share to you what was his drama all about.

That's the kid and his princess. Someone has kidnapped the princess and when he came back and found out the princess is gone, he was so angry and promised to himself that he'll get his princess back no matter what happend. He went to get his (what do you call that piece of cloth on his forehead?) props (lol) and his sword then he fought the abductor and finally got his princess back and he proposed to her and they danced happily ever after. haha!

While they're performing, let's see those guys who are in charged of tabulating the scores if they were entertained with the talents of the kids.

What are you thinking guys? hmmm..

Now the awarding of the stage..

See? some kids are bored already.

And the winners goes to Little Red Riding Hood (the cutest girl and the best in talent for me aslo) and the one 5th kid.

The Misc.♥
. Esthel-Janine-Xin-Xin-Alexis-Noy-Noy-AJ

And so, the reason why we went there it's because the organizer of the event is our instructor in Event Management. And the reason why I'm sharing this to you because I don't know what else to share for today and it's been two days already since I haven't published anything yet :(

that's what I did for today :)


  1. nyahaha..murag jumong nang bata nga lalaki mai..ahahaah.. apil unta tos xin2 ani mai..daug jud to bah, sure lang.. :D

  2. I see that you've redesigned your blog. I like it.

  3. Ah, thanks for changing the comment format. The previous version was troublesome sometimes.

  4. you are always out doing something! love the new layout for the blog

  5. this would be my version of hell, but i hope you enjoyed it.

  6. Looks like you had so much fun on the weekend!
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  7. humataw ang mga bulilit. tingnan mo naman kahit mga bata kina career ang mga ganyan.

  8. seems like a fun/cute experience.

  9. looks like fun, the little MJ was cool

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  11. looks like you had fun! Also, I really like the new look of your blog!

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