November 23, 2011


So my brother finally made up his mind not buying me a backpack, it's kinda depressing but I'm totally cool with it. He's spending much already for my studies so that's okay. And I think I'll just use the north face bag he owns, which is so big for a petite girl like me-minus points for a lady. haha! 

Anyway, in case you're wondering, I'm leaving on Saturday. I'll be staying in Manila for about 3months due to our On the Job training at some hotel in Malate, Manila. That would mean, no blogging for a while because I don't have a laptop :), sad right? but I'll try to update whenever I get a chance. (sigh), My niece told me not to leave :( she said she hates my instructor because of that. touchy! 

hay! I'm starting to miss facebook. LOL

By the way, the other day, we had our yearbook pictorial and my friend Esthel managed to sneak a photo inside the room. 

O_O we're not witches. haha! Definitely not from Hogwarts either :) That is just me and Janine and our TOGA, undone. ^_^

and here's a peace sign of me :)
Ciao! later fellas :)



  1. well good luck and congrats. Hope to hear nothing but good news if/when you do update. Looking cute in the toga I must say. ha. well good luck again. Laaaaaaaaater.

  2. You look quite nice in those robes, but 3 months without you? I'm with your niece on this one. Still, have fun :)

  3. Congratulations and truly wish you all the best while OJT-ing in Manila! -Mar

  4. Oh wow, I'm sad you're going away for three months, you'll be missed on the blog. Looking forward to your posts in the future, so long as you don't stop completely it's not so bad. You want stop completely right?

  5. @Matty, I'm not gonna stop blogging. hehe. Janine will bring her laptop so maybe I could update my blog once in a while :)

  6. Yay for friends with laptops, eh?

  7. Congratulations!! :)

  8. congrats :D, togas are kewl imo, i dont know why i find them to be so

  9. I must say you a very pretty :)

  10. @Chip: that is the most honest compliment for the day. yay! haha! I'm kidding =), thank you! I'm flattered :)

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  12. LOL~ when i first looked at the picture i thought it was a halloween costume lol~ ^_^

    congrats and best of luck in manila (hope you bump into coco martin!)

  13. What's your on the job training related to? Good luck!

  14. I had been wondering where you had gotten off to! Glad to see you're still blogging, and graduating! :)

  15. @RoR: it's Hotel and Restaurant Management :( haha! I'm sad. lol

    @Kid Shuffle: whoa. yeah, it's been a while :)

  16. How could you go that long without a computer? I'd think I'd die.

    Seriously, see if you can get someone to buy you a laptop before you go. Or maybe steal someone's computer while you're over there.

  17. @DWei: that is not possible =)

    I'll just settle with facebook, I guess? haha..But for sure, whenever there's a chance to blog, I'll grab it :), maybe whine also with lots of stuff :)

  18. I hope you get to borrow a laptop so you could still blog and stay in touch with us. Congratulations and have a safe trip.

    Hotels in Malate? Umm... Las Palmas? Hyatt?

  19. @Lord Phrozen: nah! It wasn't one of those 5star hotels. Gosh! haha but that's okay.

    I'll keep in touch for sure =)

  20. @CutestPrincess: whoa. sana nga =)

  21. LOL you look gorgeous!!! Ahhhh I wish our school had pretty witch graduating outfits like those! All we got was a blazer and tie =(


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