November 22, 2011

One Day

I just finished watching this movie "One Day" 

a movie adaptation of the same name of the novel by David Nicholls. It was a touching tragic love story between two best friends who managed to stay away from "romantic" attachment over the years for some reasons and remained friends despite of the love they're feeling with each other. 

This isn't gonna be a review about the movie. I'm horrible at writing reviews, plus, why would I write a review anyway? for what reason? I mean, c'mon.  I dunno. I just really wanna say something about the movie. Not that I can relate. I don't have a gorgeous hot good looking bestfriend because my bestfriend happen to be a girl and she's married. And I am happy even though I don't really like the guy because for whatever reasons- I don't know. But, seeing her happy is enough for me. 

Anyway, I just realized in the movie how pretty bad it was to be in love with your friend, bestfriend, if I may correct that. I mean? It's confusing right? (they said, the best person to marry is your bestfriend and yet you can't even have the guts to do the first move) Sometimes you would say, you don't wanna screw up the friendship over love because you're very certain that it will eventually fade and you'll just gonna ruin the friendship. Instead, if you realize or even think that you're in love with your friend, you then pretend to be in love with someone else, which is stupid by the way. And your friend too would be too coward to tell you his feelings because he's afraid you'll avoid him and blow him off in the face. C'mon! Why is it too hard to tell someone you love them? especially if it's your friend? I mean, especially if you can feel the connection between you two. Why do you have to draw the line "friendzone?" when you can actually cross it with crossed fingers? Life is short. If you think someone is in love with you and you love her too, go ahead. Give it a chance. Life is short to be wasted "thinking" duhhhh. Make it happen idiots! HAHA! I mean, I am in the right position to say this because if I like someone I always find the courage to let that person know how I feel regardless of how embarrassing it will be . I've been rejected countless times. Shed a half full glass of tears over a guy once and I'm looking forward of that moment to happen again. I get tired trying but it makes me feel alive and happy. I don't mind being hurt. It was actually a good feeling loving someone who can't love you back. It's exciting. Intriguing. Challenging. It makes you smart. Really! you wanna tell me why? :)

What the hell am I saying here? I just wanna say tha Jim Sturgess is so damn cute. Ops. I'm sorry Enrique Eglesias but it's just a crush. haha. I love Anne Hathaway's British accent. And I love Europe and It's ancient style. Ugh! 
Oh! I'm rambling again. wait. I got this word @Matthew's :), sorry Matty, guess I just stole your most used word :) 

see you fellas :)

remember: I LOVE YOU ALL =))



  1. telling your feelings to someone isnt super easy...but to those who are in hat stage right now, go! go! go! ^.^

  2. They say that to find true love you have to fall in love 3 times, one of them is with your best friend so you know the limits and difference between love and friendship. I've been in a situation like this, and no, it ain't pretty.

  3. Mai, have you become a move reviewisteristthingie? Where is all those lovely story about your life?

  4. @Michael Westside: whoa. nobody ever ask me that :) It's like you're the first. I didn't know you're that interested with my life. I'm flattered. Too bad I couldn't share anything yet for the past few days. I've been a movie junkie lately while waiting for our OJT to start next week :) for you, I will start rambling as soon I'll settle myself in Manila :)

  5. This sounds adorable, I must watch this ^_^

  6. Yes it is definitely tough when you end up falling in love with your best friend.

  7. It just goes to show guys and girls are never "friends" one of them is interested in more.

  8. I'm down to watch Anne Hathaway in anything!
    Also, cool new blog design/title. I was away from the net these past few days and see you've changed things up.

  9. I don't know, I consider my girlfriend to be my best friend and so far everything's been fine.

  10. It's easier for a girl though...

  11. Gotta watch that movie!

  12. That actually sounds like a really good movie to me, I seriously need to check it out. When you love someone it's important to let them know because it's better to have no regrets than it is to have them if that makes sense? There's no point spending a life wondering!

  13. Nice blog I will be following! Anyway if you are interested in technology updates I just started up a blog and would love any comments lol.

    Anyway Happy thanksgiving!


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