October 26, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reasons Wrap Up In One Post (I Love Being Single)

Sorry for the hiatus. And thank you everyone for all the votes. ^_^ although, I do not expect to win this thing anymore after my uncle told me he'll just give me $40 just for me to stop bugging him with all this voting stuff. So, I guess that's a good thing aye? 

Back to my topic =))

I am overwhelmed with all the comments you left me guys. For some reasons, I don't wanna mislead you. I guess I've been misleading you this whole time. I mean, I wasn't able to express the things that I really wanna say because I'm having hard time translating. Gosh! If only I listened to our instructors way back, I could have use that learning now. Proper use of words and grammars and all. 

But that's not the point, what I wanted to say is that, instead of stating the reasons why I'm single (which I'd like to end up now), I shifted to, why "ladies" around me are single. I did a survey (just my friends) and asked them one by one why they're single and so I came up with this idea. 

To end this whole thing up. *for me*
I'm single for a lot of reasons but the one on top of it, is that.."I Love Being Single"
Yes. I honestly love myself too much to share it with others (well, of course, the guy in Someone Like You is the only exception).

Although, I must admit, when I was in High School, my plan was to settle down at the age of 25 and now @26, everything changed. I realized, it's not it. I mean, I'd love to have a serious relationship but not now is not the right time yet. I still wanna be free as a bird and careless as a baby. And suddenly, I wanted to stay single as long as 35. haha. Sure, I'd love to hook up with guys too but now is not the right time also. Maybe when I get a job, a stable one and on my own, that's the time. 

I remember having this conversation with a guy friend. He asked me this.
Mai, do you have a boyfriend? Then, I answered, none.
Then he blurted, why? 
are you  lesbian? I was like, what the hell?! 
being single doesn't make a person gay or lesbian, for Pete's sake! why would he even think that? Oh no! Now I remember, he's not just the first who thought I am a lesbian. I guess I'm too cute to be one. I mean, C'mon, I am totally totally into guys. ^_^ I love guys. they're adorable and they're the only creatures that could kiss you like hell. hahaha! tada! I was just trying to light things up. hehe

Going back..

I'm single because guys just can't handle me. They don't like sticking with me because I'm too friendly with other guys and they hate that. Right? So, break up follows. ^_^ Also, I go out with girlfriends most of the time than with my boyfriend. ^_^ Plus, serious relationship freaks me out. Really. I'm more on a relationship that is open, no commitments and just purely for fun. That sucks for guys. Plus, again, I'm not sweet and not really a jealous type, they hate that too. Not really to mention that sometimes, life is unfair. I wanted to stop complaining on how bitter am I with guys who don't like me because they don't find me pretty, hot and all because, reality check, my friend dwizzt is right, it goes the same way to me. I have to admit, I look into physical appearance first before anything. But trust me, that only applies for a very short period of time. True love does not require physical beauty, but beyond. Besides, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. So, that's it. 

What else? I guess that's all. haha. 

Being single is way more fun than being in a relationship. ^_^


  1. Very intriguing and interesting Topic...

  2. I understand exactly what you mean with this one Mai, being single is absolutely awesome. At least that's what I tell myself. I find it way too hard to stay committed to one person and end up getting bored or straying so it's far better to be single. I love your attitude, being single is perceived as such a horrible thing but at the end of the day it really isn't horrible at all. Great post as usual.

  3. Really? I know a lot of guys that would love to be in what you described is an open relationship.

    Or would it be considered a one-night stand? Hm....

  4. Well, we can agree to disagree. Single more than kinda sucks.

  5. I'm glad there are other 20-something ladies out there who like being single as much as I do! I can't really handle the serious relationships either. I'm too much of an absent girlfriend.....

    Love your blog!

  6. gosh~ i just realized that i can't recall being single! LOL ^_^

  7. Being single is good. (:

  8. Well that's one way to make money :) It's good that you love yourself, you really should. Someone can't be expected to love you unless you love yourself, and one day you should find what you're after, even if it isn't what you thought it was.

  9. I am single because i love being single :) same here :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  10. Haha, well I kinda knew that, it does say so in your profile description on the sidebar.

  11. hahaha - what a great topic. nothing wrong with being single. Kudos to you!


  12. I love when single girls love being single. How about that?

  13. I'm single because I love being single. BUT I still wanna find that prince Charming someday. I wanna have a family.. a husband and kids.

    But yeah, for now.. being single ROCKS! :D

  14. well I do enjoy being single too :)

  15. i beg to disagree your honor! LOL

    guys do love having some fun also, no attachments, no commitments.. but not for long.

    sana makahanap ka ng guy na makakapagbaligtad ng mundo mo at makakapagpabago ng lahat ng paniniwala mo today.. soon! :P


  16. I've never realized that you're 3 years older than me. Anywho, i need som totally unrelated advice. I'm thinking about making making my next post about cats. Pictures of cats to be exact. Do people like that kind of thing?

  17. Everyone lives there life as they want but at some point in life everyone wants to have someone in their life ;D

  18. Ive been in a relationship were I had to do all the job. I kinda got traumatized by the fact that I get to go there and be initiative. I grew tired of doing it by myself and I always end up being left behind. So I decided to wait. The right girl will arrive in the right time. And oh Didn't I tell you I decline girls to be my girlfriend when they already are my friend?

  19. Nice post, kinda depends in my opinion though. Sometimes it's great being single and sometimes it's not.

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  21. Great topic.Agree with what you said and expecting more from you


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