October 19, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 03 (We're Just Friends)

The most cliche reason: 

I'd rather have him as a friend than lose him totally.
There are guys who draw this..
And this apply to women also.
Friends can be lovers but lovers can't be friends.
A common excuse with two people who call themselves "friends" yet both like each other. They always have this boundary and always being cautious with what's going on between them. They tried to compress whatever what's inside them-the longings, the jealousy when one's seen with another, the feeling of being set aside and left alone.

I'm single because we're friends..and we can't be more than that..

I have a guy friend who I really like. We were close and we talk from one thing to another almost everyday. We share secrets and we share feelings. Until one day, everything changed. He confessed that he likes me and he wanted to be us. I took it as a joke but I was really happy because I like him too, very much. But since I'm too stupid to admit that, I ignored him. I mean, I ignored what he said. I pretended not hearing anything. I am happy just us being friends, I wanted to stay it that way because I thought it's better that way. I thought if we will take the risk we'll lose the friendship. That's the usual scenario and it really does happen in real. I knew people who've been into that kind of situation. So, I'd rather have him as a friend than lose him totally.

Later, I told him I have boyfriend thinking it's the best way to let us go on with our friendship. 

After that, he tried to avoid me. 

Then I realized, it was a bad move. I should haven't pretended to have a boyfriend. I should have told him that I like him instead. Gosh. I should have took the risk. I'm such a coward! 

Then he call me a week after. He sounds chirpy on the other line. I was nervous. What is going on? He can't be this happy. Then he said, "Mai, got two news for you. Which one do you wanna hear first? the bad one or the good one?
Instead of answering he's question, I told him. oh really? I have something to confess too..but you go first and I'll go with the bad news. 
Then he said.."I might not able to talk to you anymore like we used to". That was shattering. I dunno, I just kept quiet and let him speak as he continued.."I already have a girlfriend and she wanted to meet you" wth? alright..I dunno what to say. I just smiled and forgot about that thing I wanted to tell him earlier. I was supposed to tell him that I like him and that bf thingy is nothing and it was all a lie but it's too late. Although at times I would joke around and would blurt that I like him and I really want us to be us and all. Since, a year ago, he broke up with his gf but after, we just laughed at it. He also told me that we'll be just good as friends. Great! But it's okay. He's right. Just sometimes, I can't stop thinking, what if we'll give ourselves a chance? Will it work? or we'll end up like other friends? 

If you like someone, don't wait for forever because life is short. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. Seize every opportunity and grab every chances you have. Take the risk, deal with the consequences later. 

Did you know that the best person to love is your friend? ^_^


  1. The best person to love is yourself :P As well as hearing that a friend can be a lover but a lover can't be a friend, there's also that someone has to be a friend before they are a lover. It's best to have your lover be your best friend if you ask me. There is more to the relationship than love, you can tell them pretty much anything, it's going to last longer. I think if you truly loved him and wanted to be with him, you would have taken that chance by now, it seems in your heart you know it wouldn't work out between you. Though sometimes the heart can be wrong.

  2. This is exactly the way things were with Gerald and I. We were such good friends we didn't want to be anything more because that would destroy each other and at the time both of us really needed each others support, so much where if something happened and we finished we would both be destroyed. This sort of thing sucks so much!

  3. your content is good! good idea for u.

  4. Great insight! I once read that 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the handsome prince'

  5. I agree with Mark. If u love urself then ur capable of loving someone :)

  6. ikaw na ang bida ngaun..hehehe
    kakatuwa naman lage aq nakakarelate sa mga pinagpopost mo dear..oh ma gosh..hahahaha..my mga ngfflashback.harharhar

  7. Yeah... I never wait. Life if way too short. I don't even care if they got a boyfriend. Which is usually not a problem. ^_^;;

  8. ha! okay.. girls remember, love is like crossing a street. don't go back and forth or else you'll get run over and smash your heart into little pieces while you watch the bastard drive off! LOL~ ^_^

  9. Carpe diem! Seize the day! Charge in and take the opportunity. It's better than holding back and later regretting it.

  10. yes the best person to love is your friend kasi nga alam nyo at kilala nyo ang isa't isa from head to toe hehe.. Nangyari sa kin to pramis... ako naman I was able to tell her directly that I want her kaso... basted ako huhuhu... pero okay lang yun... kasi we remained Best friends pa rin ... naku parang wala nga akong sinabi sa kanya kasi the day after that parang normal lang kami ulit na mag best friend... maybe because mas magwowork yung relationship namin as friends... ^_^ right now happily married na xa and I'm really happy for her too

  11. yay! it's your fault mai! hehe... and again, he's still not the right guy for you! lol! dami mong love story! hehe

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. get physical with a friend can and usually does complicate relationships...for better or worse. I say why not and just take the chance.

  13. @Mark: True. Sex with oneself is the best. lol :P

  14. I think people need to be friends to also be in a relationship. I couldn't imagine marrying someone I wasn't best friends with.


  15. That story sounds as old as time. And I have that experience too. I am confident saying that you really really shouldn't have told that lie but as for not wanting to risk what you had, that I can understand because I have done it, (am doing it?!) too. It isn't easy to take that advice though, is it?

  16. just get him drunk and jump his bones already! what are you waiting for?

  17. napakaganda ng lesson.... most people can relate to this..

  18. guys cant be friends with girls that they want to have sex with. end of story

  19. So true.


  20. Reminds me of a show I'm watching right now which said "Boyfriends are replaceable but best friends are eternal. That's why I want you to be my best friend because I want to be with you forever."

    Reminds of this song titled "Just be friends", maybe I have to post that song in my blog some other time.


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