October 17, 2011

Why I'm Single: Reason 01 (I'm Not Hot!) + Happy Birthday Tim Bowen!

I just got back from our event's project "The Graduation Ball"..Ü But I promised to share my reasons why I'm single, so, just before I will hit the bed tonight, allow me to share my first reason why I'm single. 

Why I'm Single: Reason 101  (I'm Not Hot!)

Yes. True. I'm not hot. If I am, guys would definitely drool over me. Court me. Make me fall in love with them. Flirt with me or worse, hook up with me.  I know, other guys might find me  hot but I'm referring to these guys that I like yet don't even pay attention at me =))

I may have a pretty face..

Yes! that's according to Mark of The Rambling Person and I have to take his word for it. I didn't mean to be cocky or whatever but I  believe that everyone is beautiful in her own way..^_^ And I feel that I am beautiful in my own way. agree? haha! ^_^


But a pretty face is not enough for guys of today's generation. They wanted someone who's sexy with a 36C size =)) (Am I wrong or right?
they want this!
not this!

See the difference? =))

But hey, wait! I'm not saying all guys are like this. okay? This is just my opinion. This isn't me saying I feel bad being single or what. I was just trying to sort things out (the possible reasons why I'm single). Believe me. This isn't me complaining about "why I'm still single" I dunno how to explain it in English. 
But surely, this is one reason why I'm single. They don't find me hot/sexy so that leads to-I'm not attractive to Mai so why court her? -then I remained single. haha..

So, this topic will run for like a week or maybe less, maybe just 3days. ^_^ Ugh. So much for a blurt. Sometimes I just can't organize my thoughts and I do apologize for that. But let me know if you understand nothing so I can edit my work. It just that, I don't do draft :D I post on the spot-so, most likely I run out of words and all. ^_^

But anyway, I'll shut up  now.

Other reason will be posted tomorrow :)

By the way, before I go. Let me just say this. It's Tim's Birthday today and I wanna shout it. ^_^

So, here it goes..
Happy Happy Birthday to the one and only Tim of A Lunatic Pope..

he's one of my first ten followers here in blogsphere. Just so you know Tim, meeting you was one of the most nicest thing ever happened to me here in blogsphere =)) More blessings and be happy! ^_^


  1. Only naive and pretentious people look on the outside appearance I honestly just look at them when I deem find their qualities ea attitude and how she thinks. I don't really think beauty is forever but human qualities/not appearance is what I like the most for a person.

  2. @Dilord: wow. I wish all guys think that way..^_^

  3. Mark's right you do have a beautiful face. I honestly wouldn't even consider looks as a reason for you being single trust me. There's people over here who are absolutely horrendously horrible looking who are taken, there's not enough girls like the one on the right photo to go around for guys. I'm not exactly the best looking guy in the world but I've managed to have girlfriends and stuff so don't worry about it being looks!

    Being single is awesome anyway. I can't wait to hear your other reasons in your next post.

  4. guys who give a lot of importance to the body of your partner are just immature(both sexually and mentally) people will never understand that the body can change form "easily" from hot to nothot and otherwise, while the personally takes ages to change and it normally changes for worse so yeah, figures

  5. Enough with the hipocrisy. Looks matter, it's not everything, but nobody wants to date an uggo. With that being said, i think you are good looking. I don't believe that your looks have anything to do with you being single. Heck, they might even help you. You seem like a nice girl too. Don't be that hard on yourself, something will come up eventually. As said before, it's cool to be single.

  6. I don't think looks matter much. My first girlfriend wasn't my type at all, she's not skinny, flat-chested nor simple. In fact, she's quite the opposite of all those but we ended up together because our daily interactions with each other developed into something more.

    Maybe you need to make more male friends first before you find a boyfriend.

  7. That Asian girl is hot. :P

  8. Everyone else has already adorned you with compliments I'll try not to do it, but when I see a pretty girl, she better prepare to be complimented. The guys who don't want to be with you because of what you look like aren't worth wasting your time with in the first place. I've gone out with several people that others wouldn't deem all that attractive, and I myself am not attractive, at all, so someone out there must have seen something in me to get with me. You are a very pretty person, you seem like a very nice person too. If someone doesn't want to be with a nice girl like you, he doesn't deserve a nice girl like you. Just keep waiting, it can be good to be single sometimes. It'll happen.

  9. Modesty is a virtue but you're being a little too harsh on yourself. You are definitely attractive Miss.

  10. Well, I think you're hot. Personally. siigh I guess each to their own. Also happy birthday, Tim!! I love your blog!!

  11. "I'm referring to these guys that I like yet don't even pay attention at me =))"

    ...hmmm. you 're single maybe because you are waiting for him to do the first move and ignore the other guys...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. One of my past roommates was a short guy, which is a big deal for males, honestly. He had these words of wisdom on courting females: "Girls have terrible self-esteem, and that's our opening!".

  13. men get attracted to sexy gurls just for awhile....love is so much diff from attraction...awww. ...me ganun?!? hehe

  14. Kung di ako nagkakamali marami ang naseseksihan sa iyo diyan..hehe...

  15. this post (male version)..it applies to females too

  16. No way, do not ever feel about being single. I've been NBSP for my entire life and it has been my conviction that I will not marry until I can buy myself a house and car if not work abroad, which I'm positive will happen in 2 years or less even. I love being single. I love driving men crazy. LOL

  17. @Dwizzt: I know right. supposedly, my next post would be I'm Single because of my f*cking standards! hahaha! but thanks to you I have to think of another one. hahaha

  18. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Also, I think you are beautiful as well!

  19. Awww..I am stopping by from YeamieWaffles! I don't think all guys are after the lingerie model hot type of guys...and I think you are beautiful! There are always ways to amp up the sex appeal, fluffy hair, make-up, push-up bra, tight dress.. but even if you did sport that get-up for a night out chances are you may not feel totally comfortable strutting out there like that. SO I think you should be your fabulous self and no...I don't think you have to be a gamer to be 200% haute. Do you think that lingerie model plays video games??? 'nuff said ;)

  20. everyone has got some damage, but don't let that get you down.

  21. eeeeennkk!! (buzzer) I have to disagree ... first of all, paano mo ba idedefine ang Hot? wala naman talagang hindi hot na tao sa mundo .. nagiging pangit or hindi maganda lang ang tingin natin sa srili natin kasi mas bibigyang pansin natin ang kakulangan natin rather than yung mga asset na meron tau at wala sa iba (ayun oh haha ang lalim ko magsalita no hahaha)
    actualy hindi sa akin galing yan... natutunan ko yan sa isang friend ko na pastor...
    anyway, masaya naman ang maging single hehe I am single too which gives me a chance to prioritize other important obligations sa buhay ko including my family.. yay!

  22. Just back from a 4 days vacation and had to read this series of why you're still single. And I'm single too, I dont need my girlfriend to be too hot ( always remember the song " If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, Never make a pretty woman your wife," ), I also dont play games anymore and I hate female gamers :D

    The girl of my dream is the one who can cook and write blog, and her blog must have an awesome title :D


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