October 17, 2011

Quick Post: Why Am I Still Single?


This will just be or this will be just a quick post whatever. haha! So I have to put everything so you will know that I'm confuse which one's the right one.


I talked to a friend last night and it was a funny conversation touching the topic-why we're still single @ 26 :) A very disturbing thoughts to ponder on, don't you think? haha.

Yeah. I asked myself the same thing always. Why am I still single? Do I really look that bad for guys not to be attracted to me? I mean, C'mon! State you're reasons. Why aren't you stepping forward guys!? Man up! haha! I'm kidding. duh.

Never mind. So anyway, 

this aren't these =))
 Got few reasons in my mind but  I gotta hold on to that thought muna. This isn't the best time to share it. I'm tired. My back is in a lot of pain and I'm hungry :( It's past midnight and I gotta rest =))

Just before I will go to bed tonight. I would just like to thank every one who voted for me and my friend Xan. It was a close fight, in fact I top and unfortunately Xan was eliminated with 4 votes away I think? :(

Another round is coming up tomorrow and I hope you'll still support me =))


  1. Haha 26 eh? Well I'm 22 so I guess I can wait 4 years until I start wondering hahaha.

  2. Dont worry you will find one but enjoy till then as some times it is better fun without.

  3. @Henry: don't wait. go get yourself a girlfriend in case you don't have a girlfriend.

    don't make the girls around you go wondering. haha

    and don't wait for another 4years ;-P

  4. Don't try to be too down about being single. You'll find a guy who makes you happy some day, trust me. Personally I'm single because of how insecure I am, no matter what I always end up messing things up! Haha, I've got plenty of time to sort myself out though, and you do too, so don't worry about being single, it can be awesome anyway!

    I hope your back gets better soon too and that you'll update us on what you think your reasons for being single at 26 are, congratulations on topping that contest too!

  5. I'm asking myself the same question.

  6. Congratulations on making it through the round, shame about Xan though :( Guess that means we love you more though :P Why I am still single is a very simple question. I don't put myself out there. But then again, it is usually when you can say completely and honestly that you aren't looking for someone that someone finds you. The universe does, and always will, hate you. Well, me at least. Fun fact, whenever Jessie gets drunk she tells me to get drunk and message you on Facebook about things like this lol. You're a lot, lot safer with me not doing that. It's also good to know just how old you are, you look a LOT younger. So let me just say that men are not fawning over you because you are not attractive, you are very, very pretty, only you would really know why you're still single, but me not getting out there at all, let alone putting myself out there, is why I am still single.

  7. There's a lot to love about being single. You save money on Valentine's Day gifts, you get to meet new and interesting people and being single can be healthy and help you form better future relationships.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  8. It's ok to be single. I like being in a relationship, but sometimes being alone is ok and it can be good for you. Don't try too hard, it will happen eventually.

  9. Question is.... What's wrong with single?? ^_~

    So much more FUN!!

  10. singles enjoy more than taken's...LELs!

  11. okay lang yan sis. I understand you. sarili muna kaya bago iba. haha!~ I'm in a relationship right no. But before going to another level I still wanna reach my goals first. hindi naman rason ang karelasyon mo para pigilan ang dreams mo db? dapat nga sila pa mag encourage :D

  12. honestly, di ka mukhang 26.. :)

    ok lang yan.. look at the positive side of being single.. habang single ka pa! :)

  13. correction: di ka mukhang 26.. you look younger.. :)

  14. you're 26 na pala? thought 27 ka. loko lang hihi!
    hindi pa cguro time para maging double ka from being single.

  15. 'why am i still single?' is a much better question to ask than 'why am i still in a relationship?' LOL~

    good things come at the right time ^_*

  16. Patience is key when it comes to love.

  17. ay nako Mai kung ako nanjan at single eh niligawan na kita ^_^

  18. It's really just luck. But if you're willing to put in the time and effort you'll be more likely to find the right person.

  19. well..i never thought about this...but i dont think there is anything wrong in being single...I am..and i dont to be in relationship right now :)

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  20. I think being single is quite nice. You have more free time for yourself which allows you to have a hobby or two and concentrate on your job more... or something like that.


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