May 24, 2012

Languages I Wish I'm Fluent In..

 note: scheduled post

Today's challenge, instead of ranting about LOVE, I switched to TOP FIVE instead.

Why? It's because, every time I start typing (and thinking what to say about LOVE), I always end up with nothing. Geez. 

I mean, I don't know how to rant with one specific topic. My bad eh? :) But I asked someone to do a guest post (someone who I think is the best person to ask for now since he went through a pretty serious f*cked up relationship just recently) and I hope he's not too busy to do it. He has his ways of excusing himself nowadays. hmp!

Anyway, to proceed..


  1. JAPANESE -I had 1 semester of Japanese class way back 2years ago and I'm pretty bad at it. I wanted so much to learn but time did not permit it. 5months less was not enough to learn such difficult language. Not to mention the writing and reading part. Plus, I am not in good terms with someone who used to teach me Japanese. Shit. I miss talking to him. HAHA! But I'm making my ways to revive all knowledge I learned. I'm trying to keep in touch with my instructor and he said that I  can go to his office anytime and get some modules (since I lost mine during the flood).  Also, the reason why I am very much interested with the language it's because, I am always been a fan of Japanese cultures and tradition-movies, animation and such :)
  2. FRENCH-I used to learn French when I was in the convent but it was hard to read and it's hard to pronounce. HAHA! So, I stop learning. ^_^ But since I wanted to go to Paris, France-that's why.
  3. MANDARIN-since I love Chinese and Taiwanese drama series and movies and learning the language would require me not read the subs anymore-which would be awesome. aye? :)
  4. KOREAN-same same with Mandarin. I watch Korean series a lot and sometimes the subs in the series are so not-understandable.
  5. RUSSIAN-I just love RUSSIAN :)
There you go! What could be your TOP FIVE LANGUAGES YOU WISH YOU'RE FLUENT IN? care to share?


  1. Hmm. I tried to learn German, but halfway through it I lost the enthusiasm. I think everybody wants to learn French! Hehehe. Why not concentrate on one language and be fluent on it first? Hehehe. Well, it's just my opinion. It's still great and cool to be multilingual. :)

  2. I'd love to learn either Turkish or French for some reason, I don't think that I'd ever have the motivation to learn though, here's hoping you get to learn at least one.

  3. All of those except I would swap French with Latin and Korean with Swedish.

  4. I'm torn, I think fan subtitles make shows better. The best scene subtitlers try to help you understand cultural things you might not now about. I watch a decent amount of anime, but I don't fully understand japanese culture so they try to help me understand when there is a joke that is based on wordplay (one word sounds like a different word and that is the joke). Loosing the subtitles, just because you can speak the language doesn't mean you will fully understand the culture and what they find humorous.

    1. know about, damn it. I'm firing my editor.

    2. You have a good point, but watching something with subtitles takes away from the experience. Having words on the bottom of the screen attracts your attention, even if you don't read them, you know?

  5. 1) Spanish (since I'm mexican I guess I should learn this first huh?)
    2) French
    3) Italian
    4) Swedish
    5) Japanese

  6. I want to learn Korean and Russian. My Japanese and Mandarin speaking skills are way down now due to lack of use.

  7. I hear you on Japanese. I've been self-teaching myself for months now, and it stinks doing it without a formal education. I can understand a lot of basic sentences and words, and I can figure out some Kanji. Terrible at hiragana, and okay with katakana.

  8. I want to learn how to speak French and German so bad. I took up Mandarin for a while in school, nothing happened. Hahaha.

  9. Japanese is really hard to learn. I mean, people watch subtitled animes and yet, most of us barely pick up their language. And i think french and Russian are just really really hard to pronounce.

  10. i love to learn new language and for me all of those language are hard except spanish language... i can understand spanish and speak a little because spanish language is easy to learn and have something in common in our language. so, give spanish language a try!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  11. Computer languages count right? :P


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