April 02, 2012

Feeling Better: I Won't Give Up On Us.

Your comment with my last post was overwhelming and I can't just ignore it. Thank you. I honestly believed I could get through this. I'm tough :) I love myself too much to do something stupid about it. I was just a little bit skeptical with things lately and been thinking really weird stuffs and it's creepy. I've been moody, mean and unreasonable. I easily get annoyed even with petty jokes which isn't so me. I used to be carefree, happy and wild but change is definitely inevitable. It's eating me up and I find it really hard to adjust. I just need to unwind and to blog. hehe ^_^

I've been longing to share this video to you guys. Dominic made this video version last valentine's day. It's really cute. You will see in the video how much effort he put into this song and how difficult this must be for him. But alas! it came out really cool :D So, I hope you'll find time to check it out. I swear, he has no knowledge about this and I don't think he'd mind though. I wish one day someone will make this kind of video for me. haha! 

Anyway, that's it. Yesterday was kinda tough for me, I don't wanna go into details but I was glad my cousin was so persistent and she got me do something against my will. haha! 

Oh! Maybe some other time, I will share to you what happened last night during the (I don't know the exact term) -when the guy ask the girl's parents of her hand for marriage-sorta! haha..we call it "PAMANHIKAN" in FILIPINO or whatever. hehe..I still don't have the pictures since we used my cousin's camera and she's out for some outing activity :D

I hope you had a great weekend everyone :D 



  1. I missed your last post so I just read it. OMG pls.pls. dont do anything crazy as it is not worth it. I am glad your cousin forced you to do something so that you could feel better. You dont know me but if you do need to write to someone unknown to feel better pls. feel free to drop a line in my email. Love to help out if I can.

  2. Someone hasn't asked for your dad's permission to marry you have they? :P I'm glad you're feeling better and if you need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message :)

  3. @MARK and PAPS

    thank you both :)

  4. I wasn't too happy to see you hint at that kind of thing so I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now Mai. Never give up, especially when things are not that bad, just keep on fighting and you'll get what you deserve which is a lot.

  5. @Matty

    sweet as always :) thank you ^_^

  6. I was asking if someone had asked your father for permission to marry you :)

  7. Ho ho, people getting married around you. This is a sure sign that you guys are growing up.

  8. Mai I know the feeling...you worked so hard to complete your education and once it is over you start to wonder so what's next. Good luck with your upcoming interviews!

  9. BTW i add you on my friends link

  10. Oh, the video is cute, haha. Read your previous post, Love yourself^^ I believe you can do it ^^

    Latest: Birthday Post - XiXi

  11. Such a cute video. (:

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