April 18, 2012

Please Hear Me Out!

reminder: Drink moderately!
This is the last one :)

Casey just can't stop speaking FILIPINO and ENGLISH! haha!

Watch her as she kept on talking even though no one's listening to her :D

You see? this is what happen when you're away from home. HAHA! 

A mess up room and a wasted friends. ^_^

I am telling everyone to sleep now, so goodnight! ^_^


  1. And this is why I don't drink too much lol.

  2. Honestly Mai, I really don't find it in me to hate these drunken videos, they're so damn funny! Awesome stuff.

  3. a person tends to lose his/her sanity when drunk.. so i agree, drink moderately.. :)

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  5. Haha! I laughed when she said "I hate you much more". Sounded like she was fighting sleep and too tired to be making sense.

  6. So funny! I never drink all my life I can't imagine if I get drunk probably I'll gonna be like here. By the way would you like to do exchanging link and follow each other? Please let me know. Thank you :-)

  7. Hahaha. The moment she'll realized the things she have done, I think she'll fret because of this video. :)

  8. hahaha. talaga palang ganito pag lasing? ^_^

  9. Oh boy, I wonder how long it'll be until she asks you to remove that video.

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