April 23, 2012

There's Something About Her That Makes Her So F*ckin Pefect!

Today you will get to know more about Janine. I know, a few of you probably had an idea about her. She was my guest during my photo challenge and been my constant reader ever since :) -awesome, aye?! I've been trying to convince her to blog (since she loves to write and really good at it) but she kept saying no. She would usually say, I'll just be the reader. Hell! Haha!

I wanted to talk about her in this post but my shoulder hurts and my eyes are tired, maybe because I haven't had enough sleep lately. 

Anyhow, I wanted to let my bloggers know how lucky I am to have her as a friend..

I made this for her. hah! I am not satisfied with my work but I hope somehow it will make her smile :)
It has some freaky copyright in it so I'm not sure if you can actually view this video but I really do hope you can because I really what to know what you think about this :)


  1. WAH! THANKS BIATCH! I SO LOVE THE VIDEOS! HAHAHA! and the pics! :) You never fail to make videos of me on my birthday! THanks for the big effort. I appreciate it so much. love yah! :D Thanks for being there always. :D

  2. and how blessed she is to have you as her friend. ^_^

  3. She looks cool..It is nice to have friend that is so close.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you have a friend as good as Janine, she's seriously awesome too!

  5. That video was awesome :) I think if someone did something like that for me I would cry. Because they had so many pictures and videos of me xD But I would be pretty damn happy too. I hope she loved it (she did cos she left a comment xD) and she should definitely take up blogging. Tell her your followers demand she does :P

  6. Blagging isn't for the faint of heart, you must weather the storm of indifference on those things you care the most about.

  7. Aww you did an amazing job and she's very lucky to have you as a friend. Mai, if you lived in Chicago I would totally take you up on your offer to help me clean my place and take you shopping afterwards!

  8. video is blocked in the US now :( I'm glad you have found a great friend through blogging!

  9. Aww.. That's so sweet. :) You're such a good friend.


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