July 20, 2011

The Island Born of Fire (Camiguin Island)


This place has been my home for 12 years. I grew up in this province, finished my primary and secondary education here. Whenever I have time and "money" of course, I go home just to relax and unwind. sosyal! haha! What I loved most in this place are the beaches, the one that you could never find in the city :D besides, my sanctuary is here. hehe ^_^ 
Last October (Lanzones Festival) I brought Janine with me for two days stay. We tour around by motorcycle and mind you! She's the type who does not appreciate beaches that much..she's more on malls and mountain views..maybe because, she's not a swimmer or whatever, but she really was amazed with the beauty of one the most visited place in the province of Camiguin.."The White Island" anyway..take a look ^_^

Janine's first time in Camiguin Island :D
we were able to catch up I'm not sure if first or second trip, all I know was that when we arrived to the place we went directly to the beach :D
It's not the white sand beach yet,  but it's just a regular beach with lots and lots of rocks but very clear :D
In this pic, you can see Janine on the upper left, that was taken at "J&B fish pen" next was at the port, then Sunken Cemetery and Walkway (station of the cross)
this was our first stop upon arrival. 
just for the love of taking memories :D
this is about 500-700meters away from the house (where we stayed). lol..
Usually, during weekend, this is the most crowded area-where people (family and friends) have their picnics 
and the closest place of my aunt's cottage.
this is around Old Church. the first stop of the tour around Camiguin Island ^_^
whoa. good thing there's this guy who offered himself to take the photos :
can you see the pic on the upper left with "is that a speed boat?" lol. hehe..that's the Paras Beach Resort, from their we rented a boat to white Island ^_^, White Island is a 10-15minutes (by boat) ride from the resort. Can you see the sea water? Nice isn't it? You noticed the color? ugh! mind you! it's more fascinating than this photo. ^_^
Even though I grew up from this Island, honestly, that was my first time to come to that place. AWESOME!
first timers ^_^
we came here around 2 or 3pm in the afternoon, imagine how hot the sun was at that moment? yet, it all worth it! we were exhausted but it can never compared to the excitement we felt when we reach the Island..^_^  
 Last stop! the festival :D
pictorials with the performers and the hot spring and the henna tattoo ^_^    

Last part, last day :D
I took Janine to my favorite place..my sanctuary ^__^
I love this place because it's quiet, I mean, Camiguin Island is a very quiet province but this area, you can have all the privacy you want. Plus, I love the rocks..the huge one. we used to jump over from the top..scary but fun ^_^
Oh! Actually, it was kinda far from the beach I mentioned earlier but then again, that what makes it more quiet. People find it tiring to go all the way there through walking so..that's it. ^_^



  1. I think you took more pictures on one trip than I've taken in my whole life.

  2. yeah. haha! last time when we went to Davao we had more than 500 photos. lol. can't get enough of it. :(

  3. first time nako kakita ug picture nimo nga ga-lukso mai.. heheheh :D

  4. Yeah i was really amazed of its beauty. The best beach i've ever been to in my entire life. the sand was so fine.  I will surely go back to this paradise and enjoy the beach!  :D -jan

  5. saba koi! unsa lugar daun? hahaha!

  6. hahahaha..wala lang..as in sa tanan2x pictures nimo karon pa jud ko kita ug ingana nah..nabag-uhan ko nah..usually imong pictures kay gatindog, galingkod ug close-up sa face baya...hahahah

  7. yeah but i could show you some pictures of the hackney marshes that would blow your mind.

  8. it really looks like a beautiful place to live :)

  9. HI Mia...
    I like the captures and information you shared in the post. Wish to visit Camiguin island in the future. I will look forward to it and visit it in future for sure. Thanks for this blog.



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