July 21, 2011

Queen City of the South (CEBU CITY)

-the gate away to a thousand journeys :)

I've been in Cebu City three times. The first two was a class tour :) We've been to different historical places, dine and stayed at fancy hotel-Marriott. 

Mactan Cebu, Taoist Temple and The Walk (IT Park) :D
Pics from our room, at Plantation Bay, best baby back ribs we ever tasted bought at Casa Verde restaurant, Ayala and not-to be tried again ever "Edge Coaster" at  Crown  Regency Hotel.
food trips around Cebu ^_^
Second visit was again a class tour but we just dropped by there from Bohol. Luckily, that was during Sinulog Festival and so we asked our Instructor if we could stay for the festival and we're so happy that he agreed and re-booked our ticket and unfortunately, no more tourist available and so we had no choice but to take the economy (side bed, whatever!) worst experienced ever. We had to deal with the non-air-conditioned accommodation plus not to mention the unwanted scent all over the place and the cries of the babies near by :( with so many noisy folks! disaster! anyways..
most tiring day ever!
During this day, all we wanted is to give up already. We walked around the city because almost all of the highways were blocked due to the parade..of course! haha! but you know, what's unbearable was the crowds. They're uncontrollable..I was even thinking, OMG! maybe it's my end now, lol-you know..stampede. haha! so stupid of me to even think about that aye?! But anyway..here's another one.
SM mall, Ayala Mall (outside, take after the fireworks display) and Cebu Street dancing..^_^
Leaving Cebu: see where we sleeping? haha! Note: never book on economy class :D in our case, we had no choice because we need to catch up with our classes so we took it. later did we realized it was a mistake. lol..or much better not to go home the day after Sinulog. It's too crowded :(

Anyway, the third time I went to Cebu was last April, from Manila..I stayed only overnight over at my friend's house. hehe..^_^ no photo :D



  1. waaa! gusto din mkapunta cebu..want to try ung edge coaster ba un...^_^

  2. wag na ui! hahaha! parang mamatay nga ako eh! feeling ko malalaglag ako :(

  3. ahahah! sabagay khit cguro ako..pero yan tlga gusto ko puntahan kapag nkapunta ako cebu..^_^

  4. punta ka dun sa January..Sinulog ^_^ 

  5. wow...cebu! weeeeeeee.. im coming soon cebu.. hahahaha :D

  6. Awesome! I'm a Flip too!
    I  love cebu I need to explore it more when I go for vacation.

  7. Sounds like everytime you went you had a new experience.

  8. wow. i'm jealous of all your awesome travels. 

  9. nah. you shouldn't. Cebu is not so far away from our City :) 


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