July 20, 2011


When everyone is cramming for exams, I do blogging ^_^

I do blogging not because I'm genius, I know all the lessons  already and I'm confident that I can answer all the questions but it's because no matter how hard I studied my notes, it's useless. More often, the more I studied, the more I get disappointed because most of the things I studied do not come out on the exams :( 
so, that's it..
After I finished my exams (which I know for sure, didn't go out well)..I took all the opportunities to take photos of my classmates who were still answering. let's take a look of their faces :D

that's too bad! you can't see it clearly :( 
..to be follow..a video of my classmates saying hi to all my followers :D


  1. Where's your instructor? :D

  2. lol. naa man diha pero na.cut cguro. hahaha

  3. goodluck mai...still have an exam tom? gnyan din ako nung nagstud ako ahahha! the more na nagrereview ako mas lalo ako wlang nsasagot sa araw nang exam..dunno why..lol...goodluck on your prelim exam..^_^

  4. they all look serious except one guy giving the peace sign :)

  5. you noticed it? haha! that's because he's a camera freak :D lol.


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