July 19, 2011

High School Friends (9 years later)

Note: I was bored and decided to post pics from my high school friends. take a look, who do you think changed the most?
I posted this photo already a few days ago in my post "DECADES" where I featured myself growing up..now, let's see where are these girls now after 9years..^_^
This was taken September of 2001. As you can observe on the photo, we're wearing our uniform in CAT (Citizenship Advancement Training), just because, this was after our drill presentation :)
Get to know them..let's start from the back..left to right..

*the top student of our circle. 
-Venus (the one wearing the cap)
 *the most shy and sensitive person I've ever known. 
*the artist..she does all the drawing projects :D
(front..left to right)
*the singer..she's the striker, she says whatever that's on her mind.
-Mai (me)
*the mean..I was the snob and the most talkative of all.
*the patient..she's the most understanding of all but careless. 

My circle in high school: of course, we parted ways after graduation. Esper and Margie stayed at our province and chose to finished their college there. Esper took up Computer Science while Margie chose Education major in General Science. Mielyn was an Accountancy graduate, I guess? hehe..I'm not too sure, among the others, she's the only one I didn't keep in touch with throughout college days. While and Anita and Venus decided to pursue their studies at Cebu City, Venus took up Mass Communication and Anita enrolled BS Commerce but later she (Anita) dropped out of school and went back to our province. As for me, in case you're wondering why I'm still studying when the rest of my friends already have their careers maybe 4 or 5 years ago. That's is because, I've been shifting and transferring from one school to the other. On my first year in college I took up engineering and education on following year then Chemistry where I lasted for 5 semesters but chose to dropped out once again and finally settled myself in Hotel and Restaurant Management and I'm so proud to say that I'm on my last term already. yey! ^_^
For what it's worth, let's see where are my girl-friends now..? what happened to them after 9 years? are they married? have kids already? where are they? -->check it out..^_^
-she finished her bachelors degree and currently working somewhere in Makati, Manila.

I saw her just last April, we actually met with Margie, we had dinner together and chitchat :D 
We had so much fun..^_^

Margie same with Esper is now living in Pasay, Manila and working somewhere in Makati. 

Mielyn is now in Italy. She decided to go abroad for her kid. I haven't seen her for a while now. All I know is that, she already have a little girl but not married though :)

Venus just resigned from her 5years job and decided to look for another environment. I was with her just last last week before she went back to Cebu for her exit interview.
And lastly, lastly because, I don't have a recent photo of Anita. I haven't seen her for a while now. She already have kids also, I mean kids..like 3 or 4 I'm not sure. Now she is living with her husband and the last time I saw her was 2 years ago I guess? and I wasn't able to take her a photo :D
Guess who? lol. that's me..with our circle, I'm the only one who is still studying :D Imagine that! lol. but anyway, soon..you'll see me marching and throwing that stupid graduation cap. lol ^_^



  1. I so rarely talk to any of my high school friends. Most of them are married, or strung out on drugs, or dead, and then there's me. 

  2. me too, most of my closest high school friends are abroad and some are married and have kids.

  3. very nice mai hahaha...i was not expecting u treasured our circle of friendship that much..anyway i really appreciate everything u've done!!!im happy 4 u at last u can wear ur college toga also hehehe....cant 4get everything our highskul lyf of korz!!!!take care and gudluck...love yah mai^^^^^i will see u til nxt year

  4. Nice pics! Hit me back, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  5. Wow, pretty cool post. I've been friends with my closes friends since 7/8 grade. Good to hear you never lost touch with them as some do with their friends.  Nice post.

  6. that's a very sad news Tim :(

  7. I wonder what my friends from high school are doing

  8. hahaha! why not call them and ask them? :D

  9. BlogS of HariyantoJuly 20, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    nice picture nice blog :) i like it

  10. aayiiih! ang sweet nmn ni pretty mai...*_* ....

  11. ang galing moh Mai Yang


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