July 28, 2012

Let Me Guess??? (2Truths and a Lie)

I'm taking a break from my "studies" to make this wild guess done. Hmm..to new comers, here's what you missed. We're doing this game "2 Truths and A Lie" in which, I say 3 statements (2 truths and 1 lie) and the you guess which of the three statement is a lie. So just to refresh your memory, my 3 statement were:

  • I'm 21 y.o
  • I was in the convent
  • My cat survived the flood and my xbf did not. 
As expected from my regular visitors, they got it right. I'm over 21..there you go.

Now it's my turn to guess. My guess is the one's in bold letters. 

Let's start with Mark's statement: 
  • I'm 23 years old.
  • My birthday is in May.
  • I dropped out of college twice.
whoa, this so much harder than I ever imagine. So to be fair, I tried to hard not to take a peek or anything. My guess would be your age??? I'm not sure but I think I remember you're younger than that? I can remember also you just celebrated your birthday but I think it was on May? geez. but I hope I got the right one :)

Next stop is Matthew's statement.
  • I've spent a night in a jail cell. 
  • I own three guitars.
  • My birthday's in January. 
You maybe have a guitar but I think 3 is quite a number? hehe

for Althea's statement.

  • I play hockey.
  • I am a frequent runner
  • I love onion rings.
Maybe you really hate onion rings. hehe.

As for DWei's statement:
  • I am Asian.
  • My real name is Damian.
  • I love bacon.
hmm. I remember you posted something about bacon, so I guess you really love bacon. I remember you lived in Asia but you're not Asian, right? oh my!!! HAHA! where are those memories when I needed them? HAHA!

As for Joshua's
  • I can play guitar
  • I listen to Indian music
  • I prefer fish & chips to sushi.
You (I'm sure of) do listen to music a lot, so I do hope that includes Indian music :)and? I think you can play guitar since it's really not that hard to learn it which leads to fish and chips-you like those than sushi? correct?

Last stop is Xan's statement.

  • I'm rich
  • My Fav. color is PINK
  • I like you when i first saw your pics haha!
You maybe rich but I don't think you actually call yourself rich :P 

I hope atleast 1 correct answer out of these guesses. I realized it's hard to guess when you can't see the one who's talking right? tsk. but there you go!!! ^_^


  1. I love onion rings! It's running I hate :P x

  2. You were right about me. I was hoping you would think I could be 21. It was tough to come with believable lies.

  3. You're genius Mai, I only have two guitars haha, nice one. I'm so glad I got your age right too, pretty proud of myself really.

  4. may 8 pang life ang pusa mo.....may kasabihan kasi na ang buhay daw ng pusa ay siyam....

  5. I hope you got most of it right.

  6. Wrong. Now you'll never know the right answer. :D

  7. Might make for an interesting drinking game too =)

  8. grabe mayaman pala si pareng Xan.. dapat ata ay manlibre xa minsan hahaha


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