August 10, 2012

Fives Minutes Late to MIDNIGHT!

Here's what happened yesterday.

We don't want to watch the last full show of Bourne Legacy (because I don't want to go home almost midnight) so we did everything we could to catch up..

We had enough time to catch but we're hungry, so we decided to eat at KFC, but we don't want to be late so we had take outs. I was standing on the line for almost 15mins before I was entertained (they had a big order before me which was acceptable) and then I only ordered a krushers and a bucket of fries but they run out of fries so they asked me if I could wait for 5mins, I said, Okay! 

I went back to our table..

I've been checking my watch every now and then..

after 5mins..

Shit!!! the order is not yet served. I raise and waved my waiting number or whatever you call it and they were just looking at me. I am so pissed!!! We are seriously running out of time and it's almost 6.15p (the movie is about to start already) and where the hell is our order???

I keep telling the crews to follow up my order and what they did is to nod and nod and nothing else. 

until it reached to 6.20p, finally! the fries came naked! I mean, not naked but I said it was for take out, it should be in plastic right??? What are they thinking??? whatever! we did half walking/half running to the cinema..

It's 6.2o on the clock and the guard did not let us in because we're 5mins late :( we still can watch actually but the question is, "is missing 5mins of the scenes really is okay? OF COURSE NOT!" 

Hay. So we have no choice but to wait for 2hrs and 5mins for the next viewing :(

With food in our hands we went around the mall to look for a chair or a place to kill time and then we saw this..


Perfect place, isn't it?

This spot was in the center of Lacoste, Gap, Springfield, blah blah blah and obviously Marks and Spencer boutique.

We stayed there for 2hrs and been getting too much attention by shoppers and sales staff! HAHAHA! Everyone (not one person missed to look at us, I'm sure of that) was looking at us, as if..I don't know. I have no idea of what they're thinking. =p 

Killing time!
the usual us..

the usual Kaye..

After hours of waiting..

We head back to the cinema and find ourselves standing on the line again :((

there were too many already who got in first before us. Oh! What a tiring night :(

so that's it. we finally were able to watch the Bourne Legacy after missing its first screening. Thank you KFC for wasting our time!!! Please serve fast next time :((

I went home almost 12midnight so darn tired. I hope this will not happen to you. :( 


  1. Well so much for fast food :P At least you got to see the movie eventually. Though I think you could have survived without the first five minutes. At least you guys had some fun :) I saw the pictures you put up on FB.

  2. That's a pretty annoying story Mai, I'm sorry that those slow workers meant that you ended up having to wait so long for the film but at least you guys seem to be enjoying yourselves from the photos, I'm going to have to check out the Bourne Legacy soon especially since it was filmed where you've been before.

  3. haha!okey you won.. mas nauna kang manood saken ng bourne legacy ^_^ kasi naman ang pinanood ko eh yung mga taong nagsswimming sa baha ^_^ lels!

    Next time pag ganyan paden kabagal ang serving sa KFC punta na kayo diretso sa manager! gaya ng ginawa namen sa McDo bwahahaha!

    1. it almost ruined our night, if only we did not enjoy our idle time, I'll be super pissed! for sure. HAHA!

      I told you I'll watch it on premiere :P anyway, we don't wanna cause any commotion just because of the bourne legacy thingy. we're too nice to do that :P and????

      yeah, we're wondering kung anung nag premiere ba ang bourne legacy sa place nyu. hehe..

      I hope you're okay and your family and everyone else :)

  4. Aww, well I hope the movie was good to make up for it :) x

  5. I haven't seen the movie yet saka naka focus ang attention ng mga tao dito sa NCR and nearby provinces sa massive flooding recently >_< Mabuti at maganda ang panahon nyo jan sa Mindanao :)

  6. I haven't really watched any of the Bourne movies and I don't really like KFC so I don't think I would have had any problems there. :P

  7. 'sang branch ng KFC bah yan? nang dahil sa 5 minutes, ilang oras pa ang inantay nya,,heheh..nakakabagot nga.. but at least, if it weren't for that, di kayo makakuha ng fun shots


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