August 09, 2012

How To Get A Guy or A Baby's Attention :)

This is it!!!

The video is finally here..

check the steps here in HOW TO GET A GUY'S ATTENTION

we're supposed to get a guy's attention, right? but take a closer look whose attention we got instead. HAHA! 

though I spotted one guy who actually did pay some attention but it was after the crew/staff sang that birthday song to Kaye a.k.a Stel :)

nevertheless, I wanna thank Kaye for giving this video a try. She laughed too much for trying, we all did. So, I hope you'll enjoy this one. We did try it yesterday in the mall and we're successful of getting some guys attention but Kaye deleted it thinking that the previously recorded video was a lot more better than the second one. :(


  1. Well it wasn't very nice of Kaye to delete it, but it was nice of her to give it a go in the first place :) And you know it kinda works.

  2. I love the video Mai, at least Kaye gave it a try like Mark says and at least it paid off in a way and got somebody's attention, I mean that has to be better than nothing at the end of the day right?

  3. Look Mai, don't worry about the comment. What you were saying was that from my drug using past and his name being the same as mine it sounded like I was talking to myself right? It's my bad haha, I understand now though so don't worry :P

    1. yeah, yeah. you nailed it! that's exactly what I'm trying to say :P

  4. Her advice is excellent and totally works!


  5. You are too cute, and it looks like you had a fun time making the video.

  6. yung video mo mai ang gusto kong makita ^_^ hehe


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