September 19, 2012

Fitting Up!

Another break from work..yay!

Gosh. If you only knew how much I miss blogging..

If only I have so much time off work, I'd probably blog everything out..

Well, about my boyfriend? 

He's the nicest thing on earth that ever happened to me and the best thing I never asked for. that's all for now. hehe!

As for today, I have so much things to do. 

I'll be meeting up my cousin to meet this sewer to fit us for my brother's wedding in 2months time. yey. I'm so excited and worried at the same time :) 

Anyway, I'm wishing everyone a happy day today and the rest of the day :)

-bloghopping now-


  1. Welcome back to the Blogosphere. So much for you staying single though eh?

  2. I want to know more about this boyfriend Mai, I'm so happy that he's making you happy. I miss your blog so much though!

  3. at last mai! No longer #forever alone! And you've been gone for a long time. We've all missed your rants.

  4. I miss you too Mai <3 I'm glad your boyfriend is nice too, or he'd have me to talk to :P I hope you can blog more soon.

  5. Missed you too! I'm glad your boyfriend is lovely :) Have fun at the sewers! x

  6. next time ikaw naman ang ikakasal,hehe...

  7. Sangat bermanfaat sekali postnya gan, terimakasih dan salam perkenalan dari saya :)


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