June 21, 2012

Something That I Crave For A Lot.

Back to my challenge. Whoa. Haven't been doing my task (challenge) for days and feel so guilty about it. 

But I'm back anyway..

Let's talk about cravings..

What do you crave about these days? 

Hay. As for me, it's the Indian Mango. I dunno why it's called an Indian Mango but whatever. Gosh. I love Indian Mango so much. I've been craving for it everyday.

who will not crave for this when it is just a meter away from your sight?
This picture was taken right outside our the apartment (terrace). It's owned by our neighbor. We managed to get like 5 or 6 using our magical stick. shhhh.. HAHA! I know it's bad but the fruit was very inviting. I can't help to say no :D

see here..
my friends in fb are craving for this as well. and I got a few likes after posting this  photo :D proof that I'm not alone :) 

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