June 23, 2012


Hmm..Back to my challenge today since I have nothing else to do (well, except for listening Korean songs) ^_^

As you know, I'm still jobless. Gosh. It's frustrating but I tried not to think too much about it because if I do, I wanna regret declining the Kuwait offer :(

But anyway..

I guess some of you are not jobless as me? aye? Like Henry, he mentioned he's a lifeguard. Hay. envious :( HAHA.


because it reminds me of Baywatch. ohhhhh! so long ago :)

How about you? any dream jobs in mind right now?

Well, I know it's kinda too late to mention this but when I was younger, I have few dream jobs in mind. They say, when you dream-dream big, but I guess I did not understand how big "big" was then..

  1. Secretary (hoping my boss is as handsome as Enrique Iglesias)
  2. Photographer
  3. Researcher/Journalist/Writer
  4. DJ
  5. Work in a travel agency :)
..and you? care to tell?


  1. Hi Mai, we're hiring Article Writers but our Company location is in Makati . . .

    Let me know if you like to apply, I would be happy to help :)

  2. Well my first ever dream job was actually to be a pilot in the RAF :) A fear of heights and a dislike of adrenalin soon fixed that though. Right now I would love to be able to get paid for my writing, because I could work at home, and in my own time. Or I would like to be a psychiatrist.

    1. oh!? A psychiatrist would be awesome Mark. :-)

  3. I already live my dream job. I'm a bad ass poet/cult leader and I travel the country side like a god damn Troubadour.
    No, really. My top 5 dream jobs are
    1- The guy that flies the head part of Voltron
    2- Dr. Steve Brule
    3- Stand up comedian
    4- Writer for DC Comics
    5- Johnny Depp's personal assistant.

  4. WOW. Hehehe. I would like to work on a travel agency too.
    My top 5 dream jobs would be:
    1. novelist/writer/book blogger
    2. librarian
    3. math teacher
    4. lawyer
    5. grocery cashier! hahaha. my first dream job when I was still in kindergarten.

    1. HAHAHA! grocery cashier? whoa!!! cool! hehe

  5. here mine
    1. An Editor or a Writer in Newspaper or magazine
    2. A comic artist haha
    3. A teacher (science or history)
    4. any job basta may sarili akong office haha yan yung dream job ko nung bata pa ako
    5. a journalist or yung mga gumagawa ng doccumentaries

  6. wow. gusto ko din ng office :D

  7. You wanted to be a DJ? bwahahaha (>ワ<)

  8. huh. U had none that are on your list

  9. Jobless din. Boring mga available job eh.
    Kung dream job lang, eto list ko:

    1) Superhero
    2) Chef
    3) Pop Star
    4) Owner of Apple
    5) Fashion Designer

    Pero ung possible would be:

    1) Project Manager
    2) Senior Programmer
    3) Writer
    4) Make-up Artist
    5) Photographer


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