June 24, 2012


So the guy who I asked to do a blog post about LOVE just decided to say no! how dare is he? haha!!! He said he's busy and blah blah blah. Damn! He and his lame excuses.

I'm doing it myself then!!!!

warning: no flowery words ahead :)

here we go..

When people ask me, have you ever been in love? 

I do nothing but just raise my eyebrow..

My response is always- I don't know.

Why ask me? I honestly do not know the meaning of the word. I don't even know the word has it's meaning.

I think love is undefinable. What do you think? 

But if you insist! Fine! For the sake of posting, I will put every thoughts (I have) about LOVE in writing.

this might come out a little awkward since I find this topic really hard, confusing and annoying. haha

Love for me is nothing but a word. It has no definite meaning--JUST A WORD. A most used and abused word ever written in the dictionary. 

LOVE sucks!

For Pete's sake! Love makes a person lie then he becomes a liar. You think that's good? No! You're stupid if you think it is. 

It emptied someone's pocket. It makes someone sick. It makes someone cry. It makes someone suffer and unluckily die.

It causes a sheep to turn into a wolf. It wakens the most unhidden desire of someone. It causes trouble. It causes pain. burdens. sorrows. tears. 

Love is death. 

..love for you is???

I'd better keep it short and simple or else I'll end up rambling something nonsense :)


  1. I think you've focused on a lot of the worst aspects of love. Sadly there are a lot. Love is simply the most powerful emotion there is. Then again it does encompass a lot of emotions. Love is a mixture of a lot of things, and really I don't think I could fit them all in to a comment. Whether or not I could fit them in to a post is also another question.

  2. yup... for me Love has no actual definition... or kung meron man, it is not generally positive coz pain is always a part of it. hehe

  3. ahh love?... it's feeling like shit and still liking it.

    and that doesn't only apply to romantic love... it applies to all kinds of love.

    like when your sister tells you, you look fat in that dress; you feel shit about it but you know your sister loves you for saving you from the embarrassment.

    or when you cry over a guy... you feel shit for being a complete idiot for crying and letting your face look like an inflated balloon but you forget all about that when he hugs you and says sorry.

    sorry for the word shit... ~_~

  4. Love is a bunch of chemicals in our brain. Just like any other emotion or feeling.

    But do I care? Nope. I'll enjoy it as long as I have it.

  5. LOVE?

    if you seek for the best person who demonstrated his love, i give you JESUS :)

  6. ang ganda ng sinabi ni orange pulps....love found everywhere, even in blog world,hehe.................

  7. I wish you talked more about this mai. We always love reading how you rant about things. :)

    Tska as corny as it sounds, the greatest thing in this world is still LOVE. Don't believe me? Since Orange Pulp started it naman, you can see it in the bible.

    Eventually all things fade away, and only three remains: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of the three is LOVE. :)

  8. Okay, I cannot aggre more that the word "love" is being abused.

    "Love" for John mayer is a verb, and "love" for me is...just love. It would take a whole essay (as if it's enough) to describe it & I barely am unable to find a synonym out of it haha


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