June 25, 2012


Challenge time!

My friends would usually say my sister looks so me. Sometimes some of our relatives would call her by my name (by mistake) which is weird because I believe we don't look the same but one time I posted a pic in fb as my profile pic (we exchanged pics) and none of them (oh, no. except for Janine) believe it wasn't me. Can you believe it?????
my little sis
she used this pic.

HAHA. but that wasn't my entry for today :D 

As for this challenge. I chose another photo..
this is me and Janine :D
I don't know if this is the right pick for this challenge but I can't think of anything more other than this. Got few peeps who did asked me if it's a mirror image. I know it's obvious that it's not, but they said if you will take a quick look at it as quickly as 3secs less you'd probably fall for it too. 

What do you think? :)


  1. haha magkahawig nga kau .. cheers!

  2. I can see the resemblance between you and your sister, and how people would confuse you actually. People say me and my sister look alike. We do, but she hates it when people say that. No girl should be told she looks like her older brother.

  3. holy crap you two really, really, REALLY look alike. I mean, a lot! haha

  4. It's because you have the same expression on your face!

    Pero as for your sister. Magkamukha tlga kayo!

  5. you two both look alike!! :) aww mag sisters nga talaga kayo :D

  6. You kind of do look like your sister. I look nothing like my siblings. :P

  7. pari-pariho jud mo tanan ug features mag igsoon... maygani wala nabayot iyong kuya ky mablagsh ang inyong beauty LOL ^_^


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