August 22, 2011

From Annoying Kid to Awesome Kid

*You gotta read this one here (this was my post last July) first before proceeding so you will have an idea about this kid we met two years ago and how he end up being this cool now =) aye, aye?! ^_^ *

If you won't read this you will never understand this post. 

Done reading now?

Okay, let's proceed. 

So, this is the kid now. After two years, we're so glad to see him doing this stuff. I remember before, every time we'll have our practice, he's there-waiting! lol. And now, I was shocked to see him practicing inside our school. I mean, in the canteen, I saw him once and I was like..what the hell is he doing here? how did he get in? who let him in? lol. I was puzzled, really! but my classmate told me, he's been coming to school to practice for a while now. 
That's too bad, I don't usually go to the canteen, perhaps that's the reason I wasn't aware of him being around. 
Anyways, I saw him practicing last Friday. I got lucky I have my camera with me so I took few shots of him executing his routine. 

Oh! and a video also. ^_^

Finally! I was able to take this kid a video while practicing. ^_^ 
Maybe, a few years from now..he'll be as good as his trainer =))

I'm not sure if you can view this video. It has copyright on it. It is blocked in some countries :( 

Oh! He actually performed on stage last KUMBIRA as an exhibitor during "flairtending" competition.Ü But since I was on duty that time (as a marshall) I wasn't able to record his performance. 


  1. he has talent . well he's better then me that's for sure

  2. That is one cool little dude!

  3. 100% potential, i'm sure he'll represent cagayan de oro soon. :D

  4. That is an awesome kid :) Interesting how people can change.

  5. WOW the kid have talent.

    you guys inspired him.
    you created him i think ^_^

    kudos to that kid, just continue whats he doing and im sure one day hes going to be part of something bigger.

  6. don't seem to get the video in the UK.

  7. How can he be so young and so good at something? Only thing I was good at in that age was... no I can't even think of one thing.

  8. is there a Philippines got talents? If yes, tell this kid to apply :D

    Btw, I'm Vietnamese, it's nice to know a blogger from south east asia >:D<

  9. this kid has an amazing talent! ^_^

  10. i could see the video, he's very talented! but why did they post the video with such a sad song?!

    re your comment: yes, mainly what i heard about the philippines is about human trafficking - movies keep picturing the place like that as well...i mean poeple should understand (including me as well) that bad things happen everywhere..not only in one specific place!

    jos xx


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