July 02, 2011

Street kid

About two years ago, we would spent our time at Gaston Park, (it is a park surrounded with Bermuda grass) practicing flairtending for our individual and dual presentation in which we're expected to "flair bartending" in both mock tail and cocktail mixing. During those time, we met this particular boy. He's maybe around 10 years old. He became our errand boy, he do this and that, buy these and those and also became a keeper of our stuffs (broken bottles in peculiar), he threw our garbage and in return we would give like 5php or 10. Often times also, we asked him to buy empty bottles and water. I don't know why he's okay with that, but one thing for sure-he enjoyed being with us. Maybe also because he's bored or something, he had no one to play with, he's stuck watching their little place selling candies and cigarettes along the streets with her mother. And so, he would do every thing for the love of having just fun even for a short period of time.
-kid in yellow-

-the only kid in the group-

Every moment we had practice, he'll just stand and watched us do our thing, observing and somehow learning. At times when we're having break, he would borrow our things and practice for himself. It's annoying actually when he go overboard, like, although with permissions, touch our things and all. But seeing him really tried so hard to blend in, it weakens me. He's just a kid, and I do understand that all he ever wanted was to have fun and have friends..so, that's it. We just let him do and practiced that whole time we're there..
- don't have a picture of him practicing 2 years ago, but I'm telling you, he's so good now. ^___^
there are students looking at him there but I only get the focus on him, so, I can't proved you that every one's looking at him. haha!
he's tossing 3 bottles (2 wooden bottles and 1 breakable)

he really amazed me.

Now, every time I stopped by on their post, it makes me smile..and wished that someday, he'll be someone he really wanted him to be. And I wish every street kids the same way. Although, I'm not really sure if he goes to school or not, but, still. I wished him the same. He's a good kid, and I wished him nothing but the best :)


  1. chada ni iapil ug PGT bataa.. hhehehehehe.. nice post mai ^______^

  2. d pud kaau sya in.ana ka chui cguro koi. haha! kabalo sya og "difficult" gamai pero d pang PGT. hehe

  3. aww..hahahaa.. dapat imo na xang i.train mai.. LOL.. :D

  4. I can't even do what he's doing koi, etrain pa nuon nku sya. lol

  5. I knew some street kids when I lived in Bangkok for a few years.
    A lot of them are good kids - just penniless.
    That's cool you help him out. Good luck, Mai Yang !


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